Thursday, March 15, 2018

Meet Jove Tripp-Thompson

Straight to Audio Productions is pleased to welcome Jove Tripp-Thompson to our circle of voice actors. Jove has been tapped to play the role of Taj Wakefield, a teenager consumed with trying to snag a Guinness World Record for swimming in the most amount of man-made pools. Taj's obsession gets him in a world of trouble when he takes a dip in a baptismal font owned by a polygamist cult in Utah.

Jove is a recent graduate of Tuacahn High School for the Performing Arts. During his time in school, Jove participated in four years of Shakespeare Company. Jove partnered with another student to create and perform a one night showing of Omoshiroi at Tuacahn High School.   

Tuacahn is a performing arts high school. During his tenure there, Jove also played Seymour in Little Shop of Horrors his senior year. 

Outside of school, Jove was cast to play the role of Lucas in The Stage Door's production of The Adams Family

Jove and the CryptoTech Leasing Theater Company created and performed a radio horror piece called “The Knocker” at the July George Fest. The show takes place inside a van. The sold out performance used audio recording and live actors to deliver a terrifying tale of a monster in a small town.

Presently, Jove is pursuing a Bachelors Degree in Criminal Justice at Dixie State University. Jove's other interests include play writing, Japanese and a relentless pursuit of finding the best French dip sandwich in Southern Utah.

Wednesday, February 7, 2018

Now Recording: Luke Randall

Voice actor and singer Luke Randall is back at Straight to Audio Productions working on a role for Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book by Adele Park. This is Luke's second major voice job working on the Quirky Audio Book Series. This time around, Luke is taking on the role of Brandon Spinkle.

Although Luke is relatively new to audiobook narration, he is a natural at what he does. Luke's low, rich, voice and conversational delivery make him a pleasure to listen to.

Luke is best known as a singer, performing on the weekends at Red Mountain Spa. Prior to that, Luke was a contestant American Idol Season 15. Luke reached the Top 200 before being cut prior to Hollywood Week. Check out some of Luke's music on Spotify:

In addition to his singing career, Luke has worked with T.C. Christensen on the BYUTV series, “Extinct,”

Make sure to tune in for Luke's role as Brandon in Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book set to be released later this year.   

Friday, January 26, 2018

Now Recording: Sherri Aldred

Voice actress Sherri Aldred is back in the house! Sherri is currently recording the role of Blue McKenna in Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book by Adele Park.

Sherri's background includes voice work for DG Films and Lifestar of St. George. Additionally, she served as an announcer at for six years and has voiced ads for numerous companies.

Sherri has a lovely voice and professional delivery. This current assignment is Sherri's second project at Straight to Audio Productions. Working with Sherri is a true pleasure. Her first role was playing Suki in Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book by Adele Park.

Sherri is also a fantastic singer. Check out this recent performance:

In addition to voice work and singing, Sheri is also certified in Emotion Code Healing and Feng Shui. As the mother of five children and six grandchildren, Sherri has a busy life. Nonetheless, Sherri still manages to squeeze in time for Zumba, travel and outdoor activities.

Listen for Sherri's role as Blue McKenna in the upcoming release of Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.  

Friday, November 10, 2017

Meet Luke Randall

Straight to Audio Productions is pleased to welcome Luke Randall to the Cast of Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book. Luke will narrate the voice of Taj Wakefield, a teenage boy who unwittingly stirs up trouble with a polygamist community.

Luke was involved in theater during his high school years in Enterprise, Utah. After school, Luke headed off to pursue a music career. One of Luke's musical highlights so far has been as a contestant on American Idol Season 15. Luke reached the Top 200 before being cut prior to Hollywood Week. Check out some of Luke's music on Spotify:

More recently, Luke has worked with T.C. Christensen on the BYUTV series, “Extinct,”

As a voice artist, Luke has worked on safety videos for Urban Jungle Fun Park in San Diego, as well as commercial voice-overs for Leavitt Group Insurance.

Luke brings a solid narration voice and an easy going style to the studio. Stay tuned for details about the release of Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book by Adele Park in 2018.

Connect with Luke Randall on Facebook:

Monday, November 6, 2017

Meet Kent Hayes

I laugh every time I'm around Kent Hayes. Not just with him, but at him as well. That's because the number one person Kent likes to roast is himself. If a person can laugh at their own foibles, they're well suited for Straight to Audio Productions, a studio where no one takes anything too seriously.

Kent is currently recording the on-going role of Scottie Sphincter, lead singer of the Rectal Surgeons. The fact that Kent seems to delight in this role is testament to his light-hearted outlook on life. Kent pulls off like no one else ever could! It's so fun to have Kent in the cast for Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.

Besides being a blast to work with, Kent is an extremely well-rounded actor. In addition to narration work, Kent has performed in numerous productions and films. He's also an accomplished singer and musician. Kent's production company, Man of Two Worlds, also is responsible for presenting a number of excellent live theater productions in Southern Utah.

Kent was recently the subject matter of a documentary called KENT HARRISON HAYES: The Most Important Man in the World (In His Own Eyes). The film took an in-depth look at Kent's unique artwork which combines photography and complex computer enhancements, which he calls “photo reimagining.” The Most Important Man in the World was shown at the Electric Theater at part of the 2017 DocUtah film festival. The film by Shane Hecksel will soon be available to view on YouTube.

The many facets of Kent’s life (including artwork, acting, officiating and real estate) can be explored on his website,, where many of his original pieces of art can be viewed and purchased. Additionally, Kent is available to create commissioned artwork for those who have a specific piece in mind for their home or business.

When Kent isn't acting, directing or creating art, he's busy working with his thriving real estate business, Center Stage Real Estate.

It's wonderful to have such a fun, talented person like Kent narrating another project at Straight to Audio Productions. I look forward to everyone hearing Kent's hilarious rendition of Scottie Sphincter in Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Meet Garry Morris

It is truly a pleasure to once again be working with Garry Morris. Not only is Garry a talented actor, but he's funny, kind and enjoyable to work with. Garry has been with Straight to Audio Productions from it's inception, playing a major role in all our audio books. Additionally, Garry has directed a number of commercials to promote the Quirky Audio Book Series. Garry is voicing the part of Nephi Stratton in our new project titled Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.
I made it a point to contact Garry after a performance of his as the narrator in A Christmas Story, a project he co-produced. Garry has such a natural narration style that I knew he would be a perfect fit for my audio books.

Garry was raised at the Jersey Shore and claims that during all the time he's spent there he has never once run into Snookie or The Situation. Garry's college background in acting catapulted him out of NJ to schools in Rhode Island, Ohio and England. After college, Garry backpacked around Europe before finally moving to Los Angeles where he served as VP and later President of two post productions studios, one of which was located in Mexico City.
Garry decided to escape the “industry” of entertainment in L.A. and moved to Southern Utah where he has worked on a number of productions for theater, film and audiobooks. Garry is co-owner of a production company called Man of Two Worlds LLC
Some of Garry's most recent accomplishments include raising a half million dollars to help build a new performing arts center in Kayenta
Garry has also launched a successful real estate group called Center Stage Real Estate

In his free time, Garry loves to travel. He has visited all seven continents and even went horseback riding around the three pyramids of Giza. Garry is a dog owner, a wonderful cook, and an avid supporter of the arts community in Southern Utah.