Review of Lies in the Shadows by P.S. Winn

I'm honored to have P.S. Winn as a guest blogger today.  Ms. Winn lives in Cedar City, Utah, where she keeps busy with her 17 children and 18 grandchildren.  Winn says she's always wanted to be a writer, but didn't really begin her career in this field until 2012.  Amazingly, Winn has penned 18 books (composed in long hand) since that time.  Winn's 16th book is called "Lies in Shadows."  Read on about what Winn has to say about this intriguing work.

The book "Lies in Shadows" is a supernatural paranormal thriller.  I wanted to write a ghost story but not one that was just plain horror or like the TV series where people stand around looking afraid and doing nothing about it. In "Lies in Shadows" you meet Lucretia. She was protected as a child and even though in her thirties she lives with her mother. When Lucretia's mother dies Lucretia is conflicted. She misses her but at the same time she also feels a sense of freedom. When after her mama is buried and Lucretia sees her spirit things definitely change. Lucretia thinks mama may be mad at her, even though she didn't mean to help her mama find a quick way to the bottom of the basement stairs. Lucretia has one other problem, she has a memory block and can't remember a good portion of her childhood. I won't say any more about that as I don't want to spoil the story. "Lies in Shadows" is the story of a woman's struggle to not only find what lies in her past but hopefully what may lie in her future.


  1. Exciting authors, P.S. Winn and Adele Park. From one end of the world to the another, these two cover it all. Take advantage of you precious time and invest in both of these extraordinary ladies works.

    1. Thanks, Janet, for your kind words. This means a lot coming from someone who is also an author! Everyone at Straight to Audio Productions appreciates your kind support!


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