Non-Profit Holiday Gift Idea

Fearless Puppy on American Road and Reincarnation Through Common Sense have twenty-five 5* reviews on Amazon between them and make the perfect holiday gifts! These books will entertain, but they have a serious purpose as well. ALL author profits will be used to sponsor Wisdom Professionals, beginning with, but not exclusive to, Tibetan Monks, Nuns, and causes. Money from book sales will establish permanent funding sources (businesses/funds). These will make it financially viable for an increase in the number of Wisdom Professionals worldwide. A motel-type guesthouse can be built near a temple or meditation center. Money raised from the patronage of business travelers, vacationers, students coming to the center for teachings, and youth and tour groups can then be used to perpetually support and provide the basics (food, clothing, shelter, books, medical expenses) to an ever-increasing number of Wisdom Teachers. An ordinary contribution is spent and gone. The Fearless Puppy project's contributions last forever. When you buy a book, so does yours. For more project specifics, news articles and reviews, and much more please see


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