My Review of Dr. Sleep by Stephen King

Did you ever wonder what happened to little Danny Torrance after he survived a harrowing ordeal at the Overlook Hotel in Stephen King's bestselling novel, The Shining? Thankfully, King saw fit to tell us the rest of the story in a book called Doctor Sleep.

The story opens on a sad note, revealing that Torrence is being plagued by a very ordinary demon: alcoholism. After a series of tragic events, Torrence finds himself in a small town in New Hampshire where he eventually gets sober. It's about this time that Torrence notices a cosmic connection with a young girl named Abra Stone.

Torrence and Stone discover each other through some sort of ESP. Torrence discovers that Stone is being hunted by a group called the True Knot which murders children and uses their “essence” as fuel for life. The conflict eventually leads Torrence back to the Overlook Hotel where he narrowly escaped being killed by his father in The Shining.

Dr. Sleep is classic Stephen King. The story features highly developed characters and a plot that sucks the reader in and remains interesting until the very end. I've read or listened to a number of Stephen King novels, and he never disappoints

I have awarded Dr. Sleep four out of five stars on my Goodreads Page


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