Meet Abby Elvidge

Straight to Audio Productions is pleased to welcome Abby Elvidge back to our studio in St. George. Abby played the role of Nadine in Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book which is a 2015 Audie Finalist in the Original Work Category. Abby did such a great job we wanted to work with her again!

In addition to a wonderful narration style, Abby is smart, easy-going and fun to work with. Abby describes herself as an actress-turned-Paleobotanist-turned Voice Actor.

Abby has a wide range of narration credits many of which are recorded in her new custom recording studio in Illinois. Most recently, Abby narrated the bestseller, GRUNT: The Curious Science of Humans at War by Mary Roach. The audiobook received rave reviews, even from the author. “I won the vocal-cord lottery when Abby Elvidge took an interest in narrating GRUNT,” says Roach. “She is perfect for the project: energetic, friendly, and right on the mark with her tone and inflection.”

Abby also teaches at The Voice Actors Studio in Las Vegas and works with narration gurus Patrick Fraley and Scott Brick.

At the moment, Abby is putting the finishing touches on a custom built recording booth by DAWbox. Abby's new work digs are in her home located near a woodland riparian area with a creek, lake, and willow grove meadow. All this sets the mood for Abby's narration work. Thanks to her husband, Chris Tuma, construction on the booth is going very well. Abby plans to decorate the outside of her recording booth to reflect the beautiful landscape near her home.

To learn more about Abby or listen to a sample of her work visit:


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