Meet Kent Hayes

I laugh every time I'm around Kent Hayes. Not just with him, but at him as well. That's because the number one person Kent likes to roast is himself. If a person can laugh at their own foibles, they're well suited for Straight to Audio Productions, a studio where no one takes anything too seriously.

Kent is currently recording the on-going role of Scottie Sphincter, lead singer of the Rectal Surgeons. The fact that Kent seems to delight in this role is testament to his light-hearted outlook on life. Kent pulls off like no one else ever could! It's so fun to have Kent in the cast for Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.

Besides being a blast to work with, Kent is an extremely well-rounded actor. In addition to narration work, Kent has performed in numerous productions and films. He's also an accomplished singer and musician. Kent's production company, Man of Two Worlds, also is responsible for presenting a number of excellent live theater productions in Southern Utah.

Kent was recently the subject matter of a documentary called KENT HARRISON HAYES: The Most Important Man in the World (In His Own Eyes). The film took an in-depth look at Kent's unique artwork which combines photography and complex computer enhancements, which he calls “photo reimagining.” The Most Important Man in the World was shown at the Electric Theater at part of the 2017 DocUtah film festival. The film by Shane Hecksel will soon be available to view on YouTube.

The many facets of Kent’s life (including artwork, acting, officiating and real estate) can be explored on his website,, where many of his original pieces of art can be viewed and purchased. Additionally, Kent is available to create commissioned artwork for those who have a specific piece in mind for their home or business.

When Kent isn't acting, directing or creating art, he's busy working with his thriving real estate business, Center Stage Real Estate.

It's wonderful to have such a fun, talented person like Kent narrating another project at Straight to Audio Productions. I look forward to everyone hearing Kent's hilarious rendition of Scottie Sphincter in Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.


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