Bay State Reader's Advisory Gives Good Tips

If you're in the hunt for a good story, who better to ask than an a librarian? Laurie, a public librarian in Massachusetts, is doing her best to spread the “good word.” Through her blog, Bay State Reader's Advisory,, Laurie shares nuggets of literary gold with those who seek it.

The Bay State Reader's Advisory Blog includes a list of the many titles Laurie has reviewed. The blog aims to deliver honest assessments of a both books and audio books, the idea being to assist readers and listeners in making good choices. To further this goal, The Bay State Reader's Advisory Blog has a give-away page where readers can score some literary loot.
“Yikes-Another Quirky Audio Book” is among the many titles Laurie has reviewed. Read all about it at
If the story interests you, enter for a chance to win a free copy of Yikes! On the Bay State Reader's Advisory website

At the moment, Laurie is reading “The Burgess Boys” by Elizabeth Strout and listening to an audio book by Hilary Mantel called “Wolf Hall: A Novel.”
Finding the perfect book or audio book to keep you entertained has never been easier. From the comfort of your own home, you can “try before you buy” by checking out the many wonderful websites offering free reviews such as Bay State Reader's Advisory at


  1. Thank you! What a nice mention! I hope everyone who reads your blog and wants a good laugh will enter the giveaway for an MP3-CD of Yikes.

  2. Nice Information! I personally really appreciate your article. This is a great website. I will make sure that I stop back again!. best advisory company

  3. Laurie IS awesome! Literary gold, indeed. :)


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