Get Behind Me, Now Stay There!

For the past two years, a podcast called Get Behind Me, Now Stay There has been a comfortable gathering place for authors, musicians and other artistic types. In addition to the podcast, Get Behind Me, Now Stay There is also aired on 89.5 KSKQ in Ashland, Oregon. Listeners can take advantage of a free app on itunes if they want to hear to hear the station live.

The show begins with “The News You Want to Know.” Charlie Stanton, Cyrus Emerson, Maya Seligman and Jerry Renfrow offer a roundtable discussion of interesting and unusual stories involving those in the entertainment business. Chrissy McIntyre, a voice-over artist from New York City, adds humor to the commentary

A second segment hosted by Jerry Renfrow called “And Now You Know” is a hotspot for trivia enthusiasts. For example, Renfrow examines the origins of words such as juggernaut. Who knew this word on the move had such a storied past?

Interviews with writers, musicians, poets and artists fill out the show. Music clips representing an array of genres give the show an extra sparkle. Some of the guests who have appeared on Get Behind Me, Now Stay There include Patrick Swazye's brother, Don, who was interviewed about his movie Heathens and Thieves as well as his work on Hawaii Five O. Other guests have included Black Panthers Party Founder Bobby Seale and author John Dodds.

All of the hosts on Get Behind Me, Now Stay There have ties to Blackstone Audio In addition to producing a huge library of well known audio books, Blackstone Audio has expanded to include an mp3 download service called Downpour Charlie Stanton, father of Blackstone Audio CEO Josh Stanton, has expanded his work to include an e-publishing service called Just Imagine It Ink This company provides independent writers with a professional way to get their content out to readers.

Not only do the hosts of Get Behind Me, Now Stay There work in the audio book business, but many of them are writers themselves. Cyrus Emerson has penned two novels, Lost Angel and Fear and Loathing in the State of Jefferson. Lost Angel is also available as an audio book, wonderfully narrated and produced by Blackstone Audio and available for sale on

As an audio book producer myself, it was truly an honor for me to be welcomed so warmly by the crew on Get Behind Me, Now Stay There. The episode is available on line at


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