Now Recording: Faith Sandberg

It's a pleasure to welcome Faith Sandberg back to Straight to Audio Productions in her continuing role as Blue McKenna. Faith has spent the past nine years in New York City enjoying a busy career as an actress. She has appeared in numerous film and TV projects. Most recently, Faith was cast as Amanda Stone on the CBS show, Blue Bloods

Fans of Boardwalk Empire can see Faith in action as the character, Kitty
Other TV shows Faith has appeared in include The Big C on Showtime and ABC's Cupid.

Additionally, Faith has been in several movies. Sundance enthusiasts had the chance to watch Faith in Price Check with Parker Posey

As a multi-talented actress, Faith has graced many stages, including a recent role as Roxie in Chicago. She also has a successful voice-over business, doing commercials for Audi, Disney, Snickers and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Check out some of Faith's work online

Faith Sandberg
Actor / Vocalist / Life Devourer


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