Now Recording: Rhett Guter

Rhett Guter returns to Straight to Audio Productions for his continuing role as Steven Finch in Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book. This character was first introduced in Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book. Steven Finch is an adorable stoner with a major fixation on a band called the Rectal Surgeons. Rhett did such a comical portrayal of this character in Yikes!, we couldn't wait to have him come back!

Rhett has just wrapped up another season with the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Rhett played the lead in a fabulous rendition of Peter and the Starcatcher. He was also part of the cast for Richard II as well as Anything Goes.

In addition to working seven seasons for USF, Rhett's talents have been showcased abroad. Rhett was in Germany and France earlier this year as part of the International Tour of West Side Story.

Anyone who has seen Rhett perform knows he is an amazing dancer and choreographer. Ironically, Rhett had little interest in dancing when he first became involved in theater while attending Tuacahn High School. Luckily, Rhett discovered this hidden talent which he now shares with audiences all over he world. See for yourself as Rhett performs “Easy Street” from the play, Annie

After Rhett completes his role as Steven Finch for Gadzooks!, he'll head to Salt Lake City to perform in Elf at the Pioneer Theatre. After that, Rhett's off to the Windy City to play the role of Tulsa in Gypsy at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Find out when Rhett is coming to a theater near you!


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