Now Recording: Abby Elvidge

Straight to Audio Productions is pleased to introduce newcomer Abby Elvidge as part of the cast for Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book. Abby will tackle the role of Nadine, a serial bride who has an kooky habit of prematurely sending her husbands to the Celestial Kingdom.

Abby is a professional voiceover artist who plays characters of all ages, genders and species. Some of her clients include Crossroads Press and Macabre Ink Digital, Hot Lava Games, Animatica Studio and 8Floor Games. Check out Abby's hilarious rendition of Walnelli, the animated walnut

But it's not all video games and cartoons for Abby. Her voice can be heard on several audio books, including Dead Times by Bram Stoker Award winning writer, Yvonne Navarro

Prior to becoming a Woman of a Thousand Voices, Abby worked as a paleobotanist, studying plant macro-fossils. Somewhere along the way, Abby found time to sing in a number of bands, covering genres from punk rock to country-western. Abby is also a painter, using the walls of her home as her canvass.

Outside the studio, you can find Abby gardening, hiking, running and riding bikes. Abby will enter the Half IronMan Competition in St. George this year, joining scores of other super athletes who will swim, bike and run in the splendor of Southern Utah.

As if all of this isn't enough to keep her busy, Abby is a devoted wife and cat enthusiast. To learn more about Abby or listen to some of the characters she plays, visit


  1. Thanks for your comment, Thomas. I agree that Abby is wonderful -- both as a voice actress and as a person. I appreciate you reading my blog.


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