Now Recording: Andra Harbold

Andra Harbold returns to Straight to Audio Productions to continue her marvelous rendition of Moon McKenna for the Quirky Audio Book Series. In Gadzooks!, Moon McKenna will take on the nearby polygamists in Zion Flats and stir up a whole lotta trouble.

Andra brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work as a voice actress, freelance director, Equity actor, dramaturg and teacher. After earning her BA in theatre from Middlebury College in Vermont, Andra went on to earn a Masters Degree from the University of London Goldsmiths College.

Andra is immersed in the theatre community in Salt Lake City where she has been part of numerous productions. Most recently, she directed Deborah Salem Smith's Love Alone at the University of Utah

Andra is a co-founder of Salt Lake City's Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory. During this past year, Andra collaborated with Robert Scott Smith to create three original works for Flying Bobcat. These multi-media productions incorporate text, movement, sound and video to create a unique experience for audiences

In the New Year, Andra and Flying Bobcat will be working with NOW International/Interdisciplinary Dance Company for some performances

In her personal life, Andra enjoys going on walks with her husband and their dog, movement classes, reading, watching British mysteries, baking and drinking copious mugs of tea. She also has two PencilPALS in Florida as part of the SAG Foundation BookPALS program (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools)

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