Anyone who needs a little self-motivation should check out Infinite Possibilities-The Art of Living Your Dreams by Mike Dooley

Infinite Possibilities outlines a very straight forward plan for manifesting dreams. The basic premise is that once a dream is clearly visualized, all that's required is a belief that it will happen coupled with sustained action in the general direction of the stated goal. Dooley claims the Universe will do the rest.

Dooley's ideas can be described as a Plan of Action for the Law of Attraction. Oftentimes, people read about the Law of Attraction and interpret it as just wishing something into being. In reality, the Law of Attraction is a call to action. In Infinite Possibilities, Dooley stresses the importance of taking ownership of a dream by acting on it.

Infinite Possibilities touches on the idea of people being eternal spirits – something those who believe in an afterlife claim as well. The departure comes in Dooley's assertion that we can have more than one earthly experience – something many traditional spiritual teachings fall short of. Dooley doesn't use the word reincarnation, but that's basically what he's talking about. I neither believe nor reject this idea. My position is that the only moment I have is now, so everything else is irrelevant.

One thing that separates Dooley from other motivational thinkers is his profound sense of humor. Life should be fun and learning how to live one full of joy should be fun as well.

Besides his books, lectures and workshops, Dooley also offers a service called Notes from the Universe. Every weekday, I receive a personalized inspirational (and often funny) Note from the Universe. If you'd like to receive a Note from the Universe, sign up here:

I've written about Dooley in several other blog posts because his work has had such a positive impact on me. To learn more about Dooley's work, check out his website:

I have awarded Infinite Possibilities by Mike Dooley four out of stars on my Goodreads Page


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