Quirky Christmas in July

While most people spent the July Forth weekend grilling hotdogs and swilling brewskies, Quirky Video Set Designer Tori Park was busy wrapping Christmas presents and sorting through Halloween costumes.  The temperatures were literally "hotter than the 4th of July," but that didn't deter Tori from rummaging through her storage unit in search of the perfect items for our July 10-11 video shoot.

Over the next couple of days the Quirky Video Cast will celebrate all the upcoming holidays including Thanksgiving, Halloween and New Years.

Our Quirky Video Cast has increased to include two polygamist families who will engage in a series of kooky activities to promote the Holiday Season.  Hats off to Michael Park, Executive Producer, for helping coordinate what promises to be a fun but hectic shoot.

In honor of Michael's interest in the Game of Thrones TV program, we decided to do our own version -- Quirky Polygamist Style, of course!  

You're invited to join in the adventures through the Quirky Polygamist Video Channel:  http://tinyurl.com/AdeleYouTube
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