Q & A with Author Alison Perry

Today I have the pleasure of sharing a little information about Alison Perry, the author of the Hell's Belles series of stories.  I listened to the series as an audiobook and was curious about some of the formatting choices for presenting this material.  I applaud Alison for trying something different.  One of the great things about being an "indie" author is that you have more choice in how to deliver stories to readers and listeners.  I hope you enjoy learning more about Alison Perry and the Hell's Belles series, available for sale on Amazon and Audible.com

Your first three audiobooks average around two hours with an on-going plot. Why did you choose to go this route as opposed to having one longer audiobook?
Honestly, if I could go back I would probably bundle them into one audiobook. I was just hoping to offer my readers another way to hear the story of Hell's Belles. I do like that they're short because I feel like they're perfect for a commute or part of a long drive. But I also get that it's not very economical for readers. So for that reason, I wish I had done it differently. And I probably will end up bundling them once Books 4 and 5 are out.

How do you get listeners/readers to come back for each new book?
Well, I love a cliffhanger. Which is evident with these books! I try to leave the listener hanging a little bit, just like the episodic radio shows I used to listen to as a kid.

Is there a Hell's Belles Four in the making? If so, when is the expected release date?
There is a Hell's Belles Four release coming out! I am publishing it in January so the audiobook should be available sometime in February, depending on my narrator's schedule.

Your books are also available in Kindle and paperback. Which format has been most successful for you?
By far eBook has been more successful for me, but audio is definitely in second! 

Rebecca Schwab does a very nice job of narrating your books. How did you find out about Rebecca?
Rebecca is so awesome. I completely found her by pure luck. I was listening to many narrators on ACX and I stumbled upon her audition for another book and I could just hear my main character's voice when she read. I emailed her praying she would agree to do the project, and she did! I am so lucky to have found her.She has her own home studio and the sound is so impressive. Just as great as any professional studio.

How do you market your projects?
I use promotional sites and I depend a lot on my social media followings to get the word out. I am slowly building a mailing list as well. I have found audiobookblast.com was awesome for getting the word out on my audiobooks. 

Do you have any advice for aspiring writers?   
Write every day. Study the market. Read a lot in the genre you're interested in writing in. And never give up.


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