April Showers Bring Wild Flowers

For those who haven't spent a lot of time in the desert, it may seem like an endless sea of various shades of red and brown.  And sometimes it is.  But in the Spring, Mother Nature treats the desert to a blanket of wildflowers.

I spend a great deal of time exploring the desert on my ATV.  Nothing quite beats the Spring in terms of perfect riding temperatures and beautiful scenery.

One of the desert flowers found in abundance behind my house is Globe Mallow.  This happy orange plant is so intriguing, I couldn't help but include it in one of my audiobooks.

I am also enamored with indigo, but the elevation in my backyard desert is too low for the plant to grow in abundance.  However, I did spot some desert flowers that were indigo in color, though I'm not sure what the actual name of this plant is.

I am always so astonished at how many different plants bloom in the desert. What a wonderful way to celebrate Spring in Southern Utah!


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