Etched Magazine Wins Top Award

Etched Magazine has long been recognized as a visually stunning periodical. Big, glossy pictures allow the reader to experience an "off the beaten path" view of the stark beauty of the South West. Etched Magazine has won Utah Best of State honors for visual design in the Arts and Entertainment Category on two different occasions. Now, Etched Magazine is proving it's more than just a pretty face by being recognized as the 2016 Literary Arts Winner

This honor is especially gratifying to Darci Hansen, Editor and Publisher of Etched Magazine. Hansen has long placed an strong emphasis on telling the stories of the people and places of the South West in a unique, organic way

I am so proud of the editorial and design staff at Etched Magazine for all their wonderful accomplishments. I didn't start writing for Etched until the final issue for 2015, so I am not able to take any credit for all the hard earned accolades. The benefit to me is the opportunity to work with top industry professionals like Darci Hansen, Vice President Carrie Leishman, Design Editor Laurie James, Photographer Nick Adams, and the talented staff of Etched Writers.

Congratulations, Etched Magazine, on a well deserved Best of State Award!


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