Review of Proof of Heaven

What happens when you die? Perhaps you've heard stories about people “walking towards the light.” Others report feelings of extreme well being. But how much stock can one put into these reports? A lot, if you ask me, especially when the report is coming from a neurosurgeon. Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander is the most detailed account of a near death experience that I have ever been made aware of*Version*=1&*entries*=0

After suffering from a rare illness, Dr. Alexander went into a coma that essentially shut down the part of the brain that makes us human. During that period, Dr. Alexander had some very vivid encounters which seem to support the stories told by others who had near death experiences

What made this account especially unique is that Dr. Alexander explains his encounters with the Divine in scientific terms. Originally a doubter of many near death accounts, Dr. Alexander explains that we really do have a soul which lives on after our physical body has perished. The best news is, Dr. Alexander's account seems to confirm there really is a loving God who cares very deeply for each person.

Dr. Alexander's take away from his experience reveals some very comforting thoughts such as there is a God who truly loves us, and we can do no wrong. His tale was told in very practical terms with a lot of science to back up what was happening in the physical realm while Dr. Alexander was in the spiritual domain.

I listened to Proof of Heaven as an audiobook. Typically, most authors aren't very skilled when it comes to narration, but Dr. Alexander is a happy exception. In fact, this story was made all the better by having the account come directly from the source.

Due to the interesting story written and outstanding narration, I am awarding Proof of Heaven by Dr. Eben Alexander a rare five out of five stars on my Goodreads Page


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