Aspects of Writing

Writing a novel or audio book and then getting it into the hands of the public can be complicated. Fortunately, radio shows like Aspects on Writing hosted by James Kelly on KLAV AM in Las Vegas, are here to help Kelly's show is designed to help writers learn more about their craft as well as proven strategies for marketing.

Kelly is author of “The Emblem” available for sale on and “Creating God” which is available as an internet download from Barnes and Noble.

As part of the show, Kelly is mentoring Janet Coursey who is in the process of self-publishing a novel called “The Secrets of Time.” Coursey's novel centers on a character named Sara who discovers a letter hidden in a secret compartment in a grandfather clock which has been in her family for 148 years. Learn more about this intriguing plot at

Coursey and her editor, Dana Micheli, are Kelly's co-hosts on Aspects of Writing. Micheli has an impressive background in the world of writing and publishing. She is currently working for Writers in the Authors can hire Micheli for a variety of services including copy editing, proofreading and marketing.

On February 12, 2013 I was a guest on the show when the topic was The Importance of Social Media and Audio Books The panel also included writer, producer and director Jefferson Langley
It was a pleasure to share and exchange ideas with writers and producers who are on the same journey through the oftentimes confounding world of social media.

Tune in to Aspects on Writing every Tuesday on KLAV 1230 AM in Las Vegas at 2pm PST or listen online


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