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The wonderful thing about the internet is that it expands the stage for discussion on issues which affect us all. For the past two years, It Matters Radio, an internet station headed up by Monica Brinkman and co-hosted by Brenda Brown and Kenneth Weene, has provided an open forum artists, musicians, activists and even audio book publishers!

Over the years, It Matters Radio has featured a wide range of guests – everyone from a peace seeker in the Middle East to a confidante of JFK. As an interviewer, Brinkman is well informed and open-minded.

“I believe we learn something new every single day,” says Brinkman. “If we do not hear different points of view then we are never able to make an intelligent decision.”

To keep the show lively and fun, Co-Hostess Brenda Brown talks with a variety of artists and showcases their music. As head of Brenda Brown Entertainment, artists and authors alike are able to promote their projects in a number of venues including iTunes and iBooks.

Ken Weene, an author, psychologist and pastoral counselor, brings an interesting and intelligent perspective to the discussions on It Matters Radio. Weene knows a lot about writing having published a book called “Tales from the Dew Drop Inn”

Brinkman uses social media to spread the word about It Matters Radio. Upcoming guests are advertised on Facebook The show also has a website where readers can find reviews of books and music as well as contests to enter

Brinkman & Co were kind enough to host me for the second time. If you missed the show, you can hear it on BlogTalkRadio


  1. Thank you Adele for such a wonderful piece about the It Matters Radio broadcast and the hosts. We had such fun during the interview and show. Your humor, creativity and personality added such a 'spark' to the broadcast.

    By the way, I highly recommend Yikes for anyone who wishes an enjoyable listening experience. I laughed continuously. The characters are finely orchestrated into a finely told story. One of the best books I've read in years.

  2. Thanks for the kind words of support from Monica Brinkman and It Matters Radio. Make sure to tune Thursday nights at 9pm EST on BlogTalkRadio

  3. Wanted to update all and tell them of the new format we at It Matters Radio have taken. One of the few radio broadcasts where we will show case not only the music, book or organization, but also the person, most times live, on-camera with us. No streaming but reality radio at its best. Check out our web-site @ and our shows @


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