Kenneth Weene

When someone offers to review Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book, it's no small favor. Doing so requires 10.5 hours of listening plus the time it takes to write the review. That's why I was especially pleased when Kenneth Weene, a published author, reviewed Yikes! for the It Matters Radio website!__upcoming-broadcasts

I became acquainted with Ken when he interviewed me on It Matters Radio along with c-hosts Monica Brinkman and Brenda Brown Ken proved to be an entertaining and gracious host and I truly enjoyed being on the show.

Ken has spent his years working as a teacher, psychologist, pastoral counselor and writer. Rather than trying to analyze what kind of kooky person would come up with a project like Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book, Ken chose to take a walk on the wild side and just embrace my twisted sense of humor!__book-reviews/adele-park

Ken is no stranger when it comes to eclectic writing, having penned three novels available for sale on His titles include “Tales from the Dew Drop Inne,” “Memoirs from the Asylum” and
Widow's Walk.” Ken has also written a collection of poems, short stories and essays titled “Song's for My Father”

Ken's writing has earned him the rare gift of being represented by a literary agent. His latest novel, “The Stylite” is currently being being pitched to publishers. Here's wishing Kenneth Weene the very best as he gets set to publish his fifth book!    


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