Write on America!

Writers looking for a place to talk about their craft and learn from others in the field can take advantage of a podcast called Write on America http://writeonamerica.us/

The show is hosted by Adam Scull and Amy Phillips Penn – both seasoned entertainment corespondents. Scull spent 10 years working as a staff photographer at the New York Post. Throughout his career, Scull covered numerous red carpet events and photographed celebrities at the world famous Studio 54. Scull's portfolio includes photos of people like Eartha Kitt and Muhammed Ali, Woody Allen, Andy Warhol and Truman Capote http://PHOTOlink.net/.

Phillps Penn also worked at the New York Post, serving as a society columnist. As a polo enthusiast, Phillps Penn has written a book on the subject titled Diosa: One Mare's Odyssey on the Planet Earth

Using Skype, Scull interviews authors from all over the world. Scull describes himself as a geek for technology, guiding his guests through tech issues associated with online interviews. I recently had the pleasure of being a guest on the Write on America Podcast. Scull proved to be a funny, easygoing interviewer looking for writing tips to share with others. Take a listen http://writeonamerica.us/


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