New Website for The Quirky Audio Book Series

The Quirky Audio Book Series has a new website! Information about all three audio books in the series can now be found in one easy location

The new website was created by Jessica Park. I was very impressed with Jessica's eye for design and color. This is a special talent not afforded to everyone. It was Jessica's idea to use a “slider” on the home page, incorporating pictures of oranges and photos of various cast members.

Just a few short years ago, websites were a luxury. Then they became a necessity for anyone in business, though the price for putting one together remained high. Nowadays, thanks to programs like Wordpress, website development is accessible to all

The thing I like most about Wordpress is the ease in which things can be changed. With my two previous websites, I had to pay a hefty fee anytime I wanted to add or change the copy. Now, I can make these changes easily and quickly for free!

My blog was developed using a complilmentary version of Wordpress that I found on Because Jessica had selected yellow as the backdrop for the Quirky Audio Book Website, I decided to carry that theme over to my blog. I've never done any sort of graphic design, but I was able to change the backdrop for the blog along with the font and colors for the links with no problem at all!

Technology has made this the best time ever for indie studios like mine. I can easily share information about my projects through my website and blog. From there, I use Facebook to let the public know about things that may be of interest to them. Visit to see what's coming up next! 


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