The End is in Sight!

Gadzooks! to be released September 22, 2014

I've heard that in order to meet a long term goal, I need to set a deadline for its completion. It isn't the date that is so important, but the promise to meet it.

I'm happy to announce that September 22, 2014 is the day I've committed to releasing my new project, Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book.

Deadlines are a common thing in my life. I spent nearly two decades working as a television and radio reporter, so I honor deadlines above all else. Last May, I set a deadline of September 22, 2013 for completing the manuscript for Gadzooks!

In an effort to be accountable to my own pledge, I shared my goal with a dear friend who was kind enough to inquire about my progress from time to time. To my happy amazement, I discovered that the manuscript that I had started writing a year prior to setting a deadline suddenly didn't seem so out of reach.

September 22, 2014 may appear a long way off from this vantage point. However, I'm careful not to fall into the trap of thinking I have time to burn. If anything, I set deadlines that are way too ambitious, then practically kill myself trying to meet them. As a matter of full disclosure, I had to double down to just to meet the deadline for writing Gadzooks!, so I'm not expecting that finishing the physical product will be a cake walk.

I believe my tendencies towards setting unrealistic deadlines are better than the alternative: “some day.” All the same, I still think the joy we receive in doing anything comes from the journey, not the destination. The trick for me is to set a timeline that gets me where I want to go without draining all the fun out of my life.

Stay tuned to hear what I'll be unleashing on the listeners of the world when Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book hits the internet on September 22, 2014. I'm committed!


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