Short Story from Monical Brinkman

A Note from Adele:  I'm honored to share this very touching short story from Monica Brinkman with the readers of my blog.  Monica is a hostess on It Matters Radio as well as the author of three books.  Monica's latest work, The Wheel's Final Turn, is available for sale on

Monica M Brinkman

"Wait for me Sissy”!

Sissy Jones looked back to see her little brother stumbling through the tall rock laden grass. She ceased her walk and hollered back, 

“Hurry up Timothy or we’ll miss finding them.” The young boy smiled and huffed his way to his sisters’ side.

The sight of his blonde locks, now wet from the humid heat of the summer softened her reserve. 

“It’s okay Timmy, you catch your breath. We still have time. Here drink this.”

Without hesitation, Timmy grabbed the thermos from her hand and gulped down the entire contents before wiping the cool drips of water drizzling down his mouth.

“Thanks Sissy, I sure needed that.”

“I guess you did cause now we don’t have any water left for later. I don’t want to hear any complaining about how hot and thirsty you are. Geez Timmy, you didn’t have to hog it all.”

Sissy felt bad as soon as the words left her mouth. She kept forgetting how young Timmy was and that he hadn’t yet learned to think about the next person in line. She patted the top of his head 

“Come on, we better get going if we want to find any arrow heads.”

She took Timmy’s hand and led him into the woods, noticing the temperature dropped considerably from the shade of the multitude of trees surrounding them. It was a natural gift from nature; one she appreciated on such hot humid days. Soon, she heard the sound of water traveling over rock-covered ground. Her excitement grew as they neared and she blurted, “We’re almost there.”

Hearing his sisters’ words, Timmy let go of her hand and raced ahead to the river’s bed. He waited, knowing better than to enter the water until Sissy joined him. It only took a moment and there she was, at his side.

“Look at the little frogs. Aren’t they cute? Sissy squealed and circled the water with her fingertips, watching as the frogs swam for perceived safety.

Sissy adored frogs and was delighted to see the tadpoles swishing their tiny forms and swimming among the small frogs. Surely many would not make it, but there would be enough to keep the species populated. She noticed Timmy was bent over the edge scooping up mud and grassy soil, seeking those arrowheads and artifacts from the Neshaminy Indians who had lived in these woods for decades before them.

The woods were always magical. Silent yet boasting the rustle of birds, reptiles and insects for those who hesitate long enough to listen. Ah, it was the time of her life, and Sissy revealed in it, taking in the richness of life, the simplicity of moment, never anticipating what would come next; experiencing what was happening now.

His white lab coat rustled as he approached the silver-haired woman and spoke to his assistant. “You know, Fleckner, it never ceases to amaze me how peaceful and happy she appears. Don’t know that I’ve ever seen her without a smile on that wrinkled face. Whatever could it be that holds her in such a state?”

Adam Fleckner nodded. “Alzheimer’s is sadly still quite a mystery to us. I suppose it is merely her reflexes and nothing more. I doubt Sissy can speak or hear us, or if she can do so, she surely has not given us a sign. It is sad, this disease.”

The two doctors walked pass Sissy Jones who continued to laugh, smile and find joy as she experienced the past, or perhaps to her, it was the present.

Monica Brinkman writes stories of life, the paranormal, horror and suspense.
It Matters Radio web-site:
Into the Woods was first published in www.thewriteroomblog


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