We're Ready to Roll!

Dorothy Engelman, Adele Park and Ned Cordery

The only thing I like better than editing audio is editing audio and video together. Friends and Facebook companions are familiar with my kooky ads to promote the Quirky Audio Book Series.  The videos may look simple, but there is actually a lot of time and coordination that goes into making them.  

I'm currently in the planning stages for a whole new slew of videos set to launch in July.  I'm very fortunate in that I haven't yet managed to scare off Ned Cordery, my ACE PHOTOGRAPHER.  I surely drive Ned bonkers with my plans that seem to get bigger and more elaborate with every shoot.  

Dorothy Engelman is new to Straight to Audio Productions, stepping in to serve as the Director for our upcoming shoot.  Dorothy is one of those multi-talented sorts who gets along well with everyone.  In the spirit craziness, Dorothy even recruited her husband, Gary, to work in a couple of scenes.  

Top Row:  Jessica, Treyson, Michael and Jim Park
Bottom Row:  Steve Campbell, Becky Williams, Kristin Hunt, Tori Park and Mary Cordery

I gathered the gang together on Saturday to go over the plans for our upcoming shoot.  As you can see from the photo, the cast has increased in size, right along with my wacky ideas.  One of the most magical things about these shoots is watching how much fun the cast members have with each other.  

June is National Audiobook Month so it was only fitting that we celebrated June Birthdays for the cast members during our recent meeting.  Personally, I'm up for any event that involves cake and ice cream!

 Happy Birthday Austin, Treyson, Jim, Cindy and Steve

The shoot is still a month away but that doesn't mean I'll be relaxing by the pool. Well, maybe I'll sneak out for a dip or two, but rest assured, oddball ideas will continue to rattle around in my noggin -- with no brain, there's plenty of space to maneuver!


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