Summer Vacation

One of the best things about working hard, is playing even harder.  Normally, my idea of a vacation is to engage in some kind of activity that stimulates me, but might wear someone else out.  I'm an athletic person by nature, so my time off tends to be filled with bicycling, hiking, jet skiing, ATV riding and the like.  Not so with this vacation!

I'm on my way to beautiful Reno, Nevada, to enjoy a little trip with some of my girlfriends.  On the agenda:  two shows, a day at the spa and a cruise on Lake Tahoe.  I don't expect to break a sweat the whole time!

When I return, I'll be in the final sprint of a two year marathon to write and produce Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book.  I intend to come back refreshed and ready to bowl over the fans of the Quirky Audio Book Series with my latest creation.  Until then, Bon Voyage and a Happy Summer to All!


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