And So it Came to Pass

In my world, the phrase, “and so it came to pass,” usually doesn't refer to deadlines. As someone who spent nearly 20 years working as a reporter and news anchor, deadlines are sacred to me. That's why it was especially painful to miss a deadline that has been in place for nearly two years.

One of the challenges with the type of work that I do is that everything is a long term project. It takes at least a year for me to write an audio book and another one to produce it. Originally, I had set September 22, 2014 as the deadline to release Gadzooks! Another Quirky Audio Book. Unfortunately, that doesn't appear to be a reality.

While I'm in the final stages of finishing Gadzooks! I'm afraid to set another deadline, still stinging from missing the first one. I try not to be too hard on myself, remembering that I've put forth a major effort to meet my original deadline. I just didn't anticipate the final stages of this project would take so long to complete.

My husband, Michael, is the Executive Producer for all my projects. I was so grateful to Michael when he gently reminded me that when people get in a hurry, they loose money. That has become my mantra lately as I patiently iron out all the small problems which are causing me to miss my original September 22nd release date.

To all who have experienced this kind of missed deadline, I feel your pain. As a gentle reminder, there's no reason to have a bad ending just meet a deadline. Time may be fleeting, but there's still enough of it to go around. For now, then, let's celebrate the joy of a beautiful September day, trusting all is unfolding just as it should. 


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