A Review of Mind Magic by Marta Hiatt

I had mixed feelings about Mind Magic – Techniques for Transforming Your Life by Marta Hiatt.

I truly appreciated Hiatt's reminders about the important role the subconscious mind plays in our lives. In the simplest of terms, our innermost thoughts are reflected in our conscious daily lives. When we subconsciously think negative thoughts, this is reflected in our “outer” lives.

Hiatt does an excellent job in explaining how the subconscious mind affects they way we feel. The great news is, by changing our subconscious thoughts, we can how we think on a conscious level. To accomplish this, Hiatt outlines a plan for self-hypnosis.

I'm was skeptical about about the whole self-hypnosis thing. Nonetheless, I was willing to give it a try. Hiatt's instructions were simple enough to follow, mostly involving a lot of deep relaxation techniques. I doubt I ever succeeded in attaining self-hypnosis, but I did get some results as a result of trying to contact my sub-conscious while in a highly relaxed state.

Mind Magic also delves into topics like visualization and the Law of Attraction, though I'm not sure Hiatt used that exact term. While all these subjects are of interest to me, I didn't really find anything new or profound in Hiatt's coverage of them.

To learn more about Mind Magic, read a sample of the book on Amazon.com


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