Cool Cats

Have you always wanted a cat but not the mess that comes with cat hair and litter boxes?  If so, Invizicat has just the right pet for you.  Founded by Utah resident, Tyler Street, Invizicat provides loving pets to those who need it most

Each Invizicat comes with its own certificate of authenticity along with a colorful collar and walker which is sure to make a statement.  Where else can you purchase and maintain a loving pet for just $10?

Bert Miller is a lifetime cat lover who recently had to bid farewell to Muffin, her cat of 16 years.  Bert found herself in need of a pet, but also wanted the freedom to travel.  That's where Invizicat came in handy.   Bert's friends purchased an Invizicat for her which she found to be the perfect solution to her pet dilemma.  

While Bert's Invizicat has found a loving home, there is one more issue:  Bert's pet needs a name!  If you have any suggestions, please e-mail  

Cat's Rule -- especially Invizicats!


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