Let's Make a Movie!

A Note from Adele Park:  Rick Mizuno and Radhaa Nilia have a great story idea they would like to bring to the silver screen.  The name of their screenplay is "Can You Still Love Me."  Here is a synopsis of the story and ways you can help Rick and Radhaa make this film a reality.

Can You Still Love Me a provocative love story. Does the past matter? Two lovers struggle with the ugly truth as secrets of the past threaten to tear them apart.
Genre: Drama/Romance – Synopsis – Geoff and Nicole are in love celebrating their 1st year of dating. Everything is perfect until Nicole’s phone rings, but she won’t answer it. Moments pass, phone rings again and again until Geoff answers the phone. Immediately the caller is irate, demands to talk to Nikki (Nicole). Geoff demands answers but the call abruptly ends. This ignites a firestorm of questions from Geoff. Nicole breaks and reveals the caller was a pimp. Geoff becomes mean and nasty; Nicole reacts in kind until Geoff is forced to leave. Hours later Geoff returns trying to make-up. Nicole wants no part of him. Demands he leave and never come back. In desperation, Geoff reveals his guarded secret once having an ongoing affair a call girl who became pregnant with his baby. He denied the baby insisted she get an abortion and never saw her again… nor knew what became of his baby. Nicole and Geoff are broken and vulnerable desperate to know... Can You Still Love Me?

The subject matter of this compelling story is very real because many of us have something in our past that we never want revealed, yet until such things are confronted we may never be fully free to love and to be loved. This heartfelt story takes a dramatic look at how two people handle shame, regrets, pride and love.

Filmmakers Radhaa Nilia (Director) and Rick Mizuno (Producer & Screenwriter) have launched a 30 day Crowdfunding Campaign to raise $15,000 to turn this engaging story into a short independent film for the film festival circuit. Through the festivals they believe it will lead to the interest and the backing to turn Can You Still Love Me into a feature film.

The script is ready… the crew is ready… and with your support our goals will be achieved.


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