Book Blogger Fair

Writers from all around the world are poised to participate in 2013 Book Blogger Fair happening July 22-26. This event provides authors with a wonderful opportunity to share ideas and promote their work with other writers. Unlike some virtual book tours, the BBF is a free service coordinated by Kayla Curry and her associates, Fel Weitzig and Pereza Thompson

The Book Blogger Fair pairs up authors within specific genres. Participants write blog articles germane to their work and exchange them with other writers during the fair. Additionally, the BBF offers a number of events including contests, Q & A sessions with authors and give-aways. Some of this year's events include an Art Fiction Gala and a Flash Fiction Challenge

Writers who participate in the BBF are automatically entered into the Readers Choice Awards. Readers can vote for their favorite books, with the winner receiving a button for their blog and an Amazon link for their book posted on the BBF website for one year

The Book Blogger Fair also benefits readers by offering free product from numerous writers as well as a $.99 sale offered for specific works. Readers are encouraged to take advantage of all the action during the annual Book Blogger Fair

In celebration of the BBF, I will be offering free copies of Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book to any interested listeners July 22-26 If you would like to receive a free copy during the BBF, please e-mail


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