Jackie, Ari and Jack -- The Tragic Love Triangle by January Jones

In Jackie, Ari & Jack – The Tragic Love Triangle, author January Jones blows the lid off Jacqueline Kennedy's image of being a meek woman who was a victim of tragic circumstances. People interested in the Kennedy Family saga will enjoy this new take on assassination of President John F. Kennedy. Jones lays out a theory which involves Ari Onassis as the architect of the murder. She suggests that even if Jacqueline didn't know about it before hand, she may have helped in the cover up.

Jones theorizes that Jacqueline made a full scale effort to marry a wealthy man, believing it was her destiny to be rich and powerful. To her chagrin, Jacqueline discovered the Kennedy Family kept a firm grip on the purse strings, prompting her to seek out other means of financing her expensive tastes. Ari Onassis, with all his wealth as a shipping magnet, seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Jones suggests that Jacqueline and Ari were involved in a love affair prior to the shooting death of JFK. While the late President's sexual affairs were common knowledge, it's possible Jacqueline was engaging in extra marital relations as well.

What did Ari get out of the deal? In addition to being seen with a beautiful woman on his arm, Jacqueline delivered power, prestige and connections that Ari wouldn't otherwise have had. Jones notes that Ari had been an overnight guest at the White House on many occasions before the murder. The night JFK was shot, he flew to Washington to be at Jackie's side.

The idea of Camelot is examined at length in this book, naming Jacqueline as the author of this modern day myth. Jones believes Jacqueline was so concerned with her image that she concocted a fairytale scenario which the American public was eager to buy.

I would highly recommend Jackie, Ari & Jack – The Tragic Love Triangle by January Jones to all Kennedy aficionados. At the very least, this book will provide a fresh theory for the mysterious murder of JFK. If Camelot exists, it probably doesn't match the colorful fantasy concocted by the late Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis. 


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