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The First Review of Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book Gives Yikes! 4.5 Stars      Two bloggers from Indiana are the fist to review Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book. Maggie and John, siblings who administer the website, have reviewed more than 200 audiobooks. Although Maggie and John are related, their preferences differ when it comes to genre. This is good news for audio book publishers who are looking to get their work reviewed because if one of them isn't interested, chances are the other one is!      John began his journey into the world of audio books to keep him company during his business travels. Maggie caught the bug in the gym when she made the happy discovery that a good story can do a lot to perk up a ho-hum workout.      Although the emphasis on the AudiobookFans website is on audio books, Maggie says the best thing about the blog is corresponding with readers.      “ Talking to our readers and making new 'bookish' friends has been a blast, and they&