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Meet Garry Morris

It is truly a pleasure to once again be working with Garry Morris. Not only is Garry a talented actor, but he's funny, kind and enjoyable to work with. Garry has been with Straight to Audio Productions from it's inception, playing a major role in all our audio books. Additionally, Garry has directed a number of commercials to promote the Quirky Audio Book Series. Garry is voicing the part of Nephi Stratton in our new project titled Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book . I made it a point to contact Garry after a performance of his as the narrator in A Christmas Story, a project he co-produced. Garry has such a natural narration style that I knew he would be a perfect fit for my audio books. Garry was raised at the Jersey Shore and claims that during all the time he's spent there he has never once run into Snookie or The Situation. Garry's college background in acting catapulted him out of NJ to schools in Rhode Island, Ohio and England. After college, Garry b