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Paws Up for National Rescue Dog Day!

  Today is National Rescue Dog Day! Read all about it in St. George News:

Happy Mother's Day!

Mom's come in all stripes, including women who are Fur Moms.  Today in St. George News, I take a moment to salute Mothers.

Wonderful Websites!

  Hey, Friends! I've got a new website! Anyone who is in business knows how tedious the process of getting a new website developed can be. I was super happy I found website designer Lynne Ferrari to help me. Check out what Lynne created: If you would like to see what Lynne can do for you, here's her own website:

Electric Avenue

The E-bike craze has hit Southern Utah in a big way.  With so many awesome trails and gorgeous backdrops, it's no wonder.  Read all about it in St. George News