Friday, November 10, 2017

Meet Luke Randall

Straight to Audio Productions is pleased to welcome Luke Randall to the Cast of Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book. Luke will narrate the voice of Taj Wakefield, a teenage boy who unwittingly stirs up trouble with a polygamist community.

Luke was involved in theater during his high school years in Enterprise, Utah. After school, Luke headed off to pursue a music career. One of Luke's musical highlights so far has been as a contestant on American Idol Season 15. Luke reached the Top 200 before being cut prior to Hollywood Week. Check out some of Luke's music on Spotify:

More recently, Luke has worked with T.C. Christensen on the BYUTV series, “Extinct,”

As a voice artist, Luke has worked on safety videos for Urban Jungle Fun Park in San Diego, as well as commercial voice-overs for Leavitt Group Insurance.

Luke brings a solid narration voice and an easy going style to the studio. Stay tuned for details about the release of Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book by Adele Park in 2018.

Connect with Luke Randall on Facebook:

Monday, November 6, 2017

Meet Kent Hayes

I laugh every time I'm around Kent Hayes. Not just with him, but at him as well. That's because the number one person Kent likes to roast is himself. If a person can laugh at their own foibles, they're well suited for Straight to Audio Productions, a studio where no one takes anything too seriously.

Kent is currently recording the on-going role of Scottie Sphincter, lead singer of the Rectal Surgeons. The fact that Kent seems to delight in this role is testament to his light-hearted outlook on life. Kent pulls off like no one else ever could! It's so fun to have Kent in the cast for Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.

Besides being a blast to work with, Kent is an extremely well-rounded actor. In addition to narration work, Kent has performed in numerous productions and films. He's also an accomplished singer and musician. Kent's production company, Man of Two Worlds, also is responsible for presenting a number of excellent live theater productions in Southern Utah.

Kent was recently the subject matter of a documentary called KENT HARRISON HAYES: The Most Important Man in the World (In His Own Eyes). The film took an in-depth look at Kent's unique artwork which combines photography and complex computer enhancements, which he calls “photo reimagining.” The Most Important Man in the World was shown at the Electric Theater at part of the 2017 DocUtah film festival. The film by Shane Hecksel will soon be available to view on YouTube.

The many facets of Kent’s life (including artwork, acting, officiating and real estate) can be explored on his website,, where many of his original pieces of art can be viewed and purchased. Additionally, Kent is available to create commissioned artwork for those who have a specific piece in mind for their home or business.

When Kent isn't acting, directing or creating art, he's busy working with his thriving real estate business, Center Stage Real Estate.

It's wonderful to have such a fun, talented person like Kent narrating another project at Straight to Audio Productions. I look forward to everyone hearing Kent's hilarious rendition of Scottie Sphincter in Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.

Monday, October 23, 2017

Meet Garry Morris

It is truly a pleasure to once again be working with Garry Morris. Not only is Garry a talented actor, but he's funny, kind and enjoyable to work with. Garry has been with Straight to Audio Productions from it's inception, playing a major role in all our audio books. Additionally, Garry has directed a number of commercials to promote the Quirky Audio Book Series. Garry is voicing the part of Nephi Stratton in our new project titled Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.
I made it a point to contact Garry after a performance of his as the narrator in A Christmas Story, a project he co-produced. Garry has such a natural narration style that I knew he would be a perfect fit for my audio books.

Garry was raised at the Jersey Shore and claims that during all the time he's spent there he has never once run into Snookie or The Situation. Garry's college background in acting catapulted him out of NJ to schools in Rhode Island, Ohio and England. After college, Garry backpacked around Europe before finally moving to Los Angeles where he served as VP and later President of two post productions studios, one of which was located in Mexico City.
Garry decided to escape the “industry” of entertainment in L.A. and moved to Southern Utah where he has worked on a number of productions for theater, film and audiobooks. Garry is co-owner of a production company called Man of Two Worlds LLC
Some of Garry's most recent accomplishments include raising a half million dollars to help build a new performing arts center in Kayenta
Garry has also launched a successful real estate group called Center Stage Real Estate

In his free time, Garry loves to travel. He has visited all seven continents and even went horseback riding around the three pyramids of Giza. Garry is a dog owner, a wonderful cook, and an avid supporter of the arts community in Southern Utah. 

Wednesday, September 27, 2017

Congratulations Abby Elvidge!

Abby Elvidge, a voice actress with her own custom studio, has become a finalist for an award offered through the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences.  Abby and fellow narrator David Wilcock are up for an honor in the Humor, Best Voiceover category for their work on the audiobook titled Whatever Happened to Prince Charming?

Abby worked on Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book for Straight to Audio Productions.  This project was nominated for an Audie in the Original Work category.  More recently, Abby traveled back to St. George to work on Splat! A Comically Quirky Audio Book which will be released in 2018.

Everyone at Straight to Audio Productions is rooting for Abby and David.  Winners will be announced in New York City on November 5, 2017.    

Check out Abby's other narration work:

Click on the link learn more about the Society of Voice Arts and Sciences Awards

Monday, September 11, 2017

Meet Ty Hunt

In from Reno, Nevada, Straight to Audio productions is pleased to welcome Ty Hunt to the cast of Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book. Ty has a full rounded resume, with an extensive background in radio, film, audiobook narration, and theater.

Ty's most recent radio gig included producing several shows on ESPN Radio in Reno, and working as an on-air announcer for a number of radio stations owned by Lotus Radio. Ty has a great voice which he's used to entertain listeners on a wide range of radio formats from rock to country. Ty's voice can also be heard on a number of radio commercials. Check out some of Ty's audio tracks:

In 2013, Ty expanded his range of voice jobs by beginning work as a narrator and producer for ACX, a production networking service owned by Listen to a few of Ty's audiobook samples or find out how you can hire him to work for you:

Ty's film credits include playing the role of Rusty in Dear George, a film by Emily Skyle which had the honor of being part of the 2017 Cannes Film Festival:

As a well rounded entertainer, Ty has a number of stage credits including work with the Reno Little Theatre, Bruka Theater, TMCC Theatre and North Valleys Repertoire.

For Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book, Ty will play the role of Brandon Spinkle, a troublesome teen who can't resist stirring up trouble in the polygamist community of Zion Flats. Stay tuned for details on the release of Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.  

Monday, August 21, 2017

Meet Abby Elvidge

Straight to Audio Productions is pleased to welcome Abby Elvidge back to our studio in St. George. Abby played the role of Nadine in Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book which is a 2015 Audie Finalist in the Original Work Category. Abby did such a great job we wanted to work with her again!

In addition to a wonderful narration style, Abby is smart, easy-going and fun to work with. Abby describes herself as an actress-turned-Paleobotanist-turned Voice Actor.

Abby has a wide range of narration credits many of which are recorded in her new custom recording studio in Illinois. Most recently, Abby narrated the bestseller, GRUNT: The Curious Science of Humans at War by Mary Roach. The audiobook received rave reviews, even from the author. “I won the vocal-cord lottery when Abby Elvidge took an interest in narrating GRUNT,” says Roach. “She is perfect for the project: energetic, friendly, and right on the mark with her tone and inflection.”

Abby also teaches at The Voice Actors Studio in Las Vegas and works with narration gurus Patrick Fraley and Scott Brick.

At the moment, Abby is putting the finishing touches on a custom built recording booth by DAWbox. Abby's new work digs are in her home located near a woodland riparian area with a creek, lake, and willow grove meadow. All this sets the mood for Abby's narration work. Thanks to her husband, Chris Tuma, construction on the booth is going very well. Abby plans to decorate the outside of her recording booth to reflect the beautiful landscape near her home.

To learn more about Abby or listen to a sample of her work visit:

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Meet Eric Comeau

Straight to Audio Productions is kicking off production of Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book with narrator Eric Michael Comeau. Eric is playing the role of Skitters, a snarky cat who is the wrap-around narrator of the story. Eric's unique voice and funny rendition of Skitters makes him the perfect actor to play this role.

Originally from the New England area, Eric brings a wealth of acting experience to this project. Eric's background includes New Hampshire College Theater, Boston Stand-Up Comedy, video production, commercial voice work, big band singer, and theater management. Eric's other work entails working in investor relations, serving as a rare book dealer, and working as an oil field truck driver.

Stay tuned for details on the 2018 release of Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book featuring the narration work of Eric Michael Comeau.   

Monday, August 7, 2017

We're rolling!

Production is underway for Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book by Adele Park.  Stay tuned for details about the 2018 release of Splat!

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Meet Sherri Aldred

Straight to Audio Productions is pleased to welcome Sherri Schatz Aldred to our circle of actors. Sherri got an early start on her acting career when she was just five years old. Her first voice-over was a blurb for Suave shampoo: “Suave does what theirs does for a lot less!” Sherri's first grade teacher also picked up on her acting skills, telling her mother she enjoyed the plays Sherri put on at school every day.

Fast forward many years and now Sherri is still acting. Straight to Audio Productions hired Sherri to work on Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book. She will also perform some audio duties for Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.

Sheri has a warm voice, naturally set in the lower register. She is easy to direct and has the best annunciation. Working with Sherri is truly a pleasure!

In addition to her work at Straight to Audio Productions, Sherri also does voice-overs for DG Films and Lifestar of St. George. Sherri's audio background includes a six year stint at, an internet radio station. “It's always great to go to work in your own studio,” Sherri explains, “possibly in your jammies!”

As passionate about her work as Sherri is, she gets the most fulfillment and joy from her family. With 5 fantastic children and 6 grandchildren, Sherri revels in time spent with her family. She considers it a true miracle to be married to her high school sweetheart for 35 years, and she loves him more everyday!

Sherri's other interests include singing, Zumba, travel, outdoor activities, painting and music. As if all this isn't enough to keep her busy, Sherri is certified in Emotion Code Healing and Feng Shui.

It's great to have Sherri Aldred aboard at Straight to Audio Productions as we begin recording Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book.

Monday, February 27, 2017

Author Interview with Janet Coursey

I recently had the opportunity to do a Q & A with Janet Coursey, author of The Secrets of Time available now on

It's always great to find out a little more about how creative people think and work.  Here now are some thoughts from Janet.  

Question:  In The Secrets of Time, Sara, the main character, eventually comes across some letters hidden in a Grandfather clock.  Please explain how the letters tie in with some of the social issues of our time:

Janet:  We live in a time where we point fingers, where we close people out, where we assume. I wanted to show that we need to stop that way of thinking,  that we could at any given moment fall from grace our self and need acceptance from the people we love. But as my story demonstrates, it takes courage to fall and then share our faults. Many falls will remain secret, which might be best. But with an open heart and dialog we can in fact come closer to each other. 

Question:  The end of the book sets up the action for a sequel.  Were you planning to write a series or did you realize at the end of the book there were emerging story lines?

Janet:  I have written the sequel, The Secrets of Time, Treasures of the Heart. This book will dig into the lives of several persons in the first book. It will reveal that in the first book, these people who had fallen, had done so to save the lives of the ones they loved, and in one case, someone that just needed to be saved. The saving of one souls life will cost many lives, and that will be the beginning of Book Three.   

Question:  How do you market The Secrets of Time?

Janet:  I was very lucky to be working for a fantastic company that helped me pay for getting my book published. I also met a fine gentleman named James Kelly, who had a radio show called the Aspects of Writing. James helped me find an editor, and publishing company. He got my book into Barnes and Nobles, and created the kindle version for Amazon. I owe everything to James, without him my books would just be stories on my laptop, where only I would know my characters and how much love there is in this old world to share.