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Utah Cat Out of the Bag

  Move Over Zuckerman's Famous Pig!  Utah Cat Featured in National Magazine This is Fur-Real: a St. George feline has pounced onto the pages of  In Touch Weekly   Magazine.  Allison the Cat is making national headlines as part of a look-alike photo promotion sponsored by  In Touch . Allison is featured as the “Double Creature” of Senator and Vice Presidential Candidate Kamala Harris in the September 28, 2020 issue of  In Touch. Allison's first claim to fame was in March of 2019 when she was photographed for a story written by  Mikayla Shoup for  St. News Online: cats-and-polygamists-collide-local-writer-receives-audie-nomination-for-quirkyaudiobook/#. XIeaTRNKiEJ When asked for comment on her similarity to Senator Harris, Allison replied “Paw-some!”