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What is Search Engine Optimization?

I have the good fortune of belonging to an informal business support group. We meet for breakfast to talk about how we are using social media to publicize our companies. For the gathering this month, I suggested we learn about Search Engine Optimization – a concept generating a lot of buzz these days. I don't know much about Search Engine Optimization, but marketing gurus insist it is the pathway to a successful website. Anything related to the internet boggles my mind, so I thought Search Engine Optimization for Dummies seemed like a good place to start Generally speaking, SEO refers to the visibility each website has for search engines such as Google. The name of the game is to get the highest ranking possible on a given search engine to increase the chance of people clicking on your website. Using effective keywords and including lots of links in your

Write on America!

Writers looking for a place to talk about their craft and learn from others in the field can take advantage of a podcast called Write on America The show is hosted by Adam Scull and Amy Phillips Penn – both seasoned entertainment corespondents. Scull spent 10 years working as a staff photographer at the New York Post. Throughout his career, Scull covered numerous red carpet events and photographed celebrities at the world famous Studio 54. Scull's portfolio includes photos of people like Eartha Kitt and Muhammed Ali, Woody Allen, Andy Warhol and Truman Capote . Phillps Penn also worked at the New York Post, serving as a society columnist. As a polo enthusiast, Phillps Penn has written a book on the subject titled Diosa: One Mare's Odyssey on the Planet Earth . Using Skype, Scull interviews authors from all over the world

Jump Start Your Novel

Writing novels is a long, lonely process. It's easy to feel discouraged, isolated and frustrated. I should know because I'm currently trying to hammer out the manuscript for my next audio book. In an attempt to increase my level of enthusiasm, I jump started the process by scheduling a work session with Cindy Clemens, a life coach, writer and motivational speaker. I gained a lot of useful tips from our meeting, a few of which I'd like to share with other writers who might also benefit from them. For starters, Cindy recommended I set a time limit for when I'd like to have my manuscript completed. Things tend to get done quicker if there is a deadline. I calculated what steps needed to be taken, careful not to overwhelm myself with unrealistic goals. Cindy suggested I dedicate a specific time to write each day, keeping that period “sacred” and free of distractions. I have a tendency to feel guilty when I don't live up to my own expectations.

Rock Star Marketing

Like many writers, I find the world of virtual marketing overwhelming and confounding. I was happy to discover Rock Star Marketing by Linda Leon to help build a virtual platform. Leon lays out a marketing strategy in seven steps, using the analogy of the seven major keys used in music. Internet marketing is great for writers because they can take advantage of so many freebies. The problem comes with how to effectively use these mechanisms. In simple, concise terms, Leon explains how to leverage the tools offered through Google and Alexa to promote a book. The concept of Search Engine Optimization is also explained along with tips on how to use it. Although I read a physical copy of Rock Star Marketing , I think this would actually make for a better e-book because Leon includes so many important links. These include links to organizations who support writers, some of the top blogs for books, contests and sites for press release distribution. As a bonus,