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Merry Christmas!

As we celebrate Christmas and close out another year, I'd like to take a moment to thank all the readers of Adele Park's Quirky Audio Books Blog.  I appreciate your kind attention and hope you'll continue reading my blog in the New Year. Recording for Gadzooks! Another Quirky Audio Book has reached the half-way point.  Look for more information about my fantastic cast of actors and some sneak peeks at the new project.   Here's hoping 2014 is a fantastic year for you!

Advice for co-writers by Lillian Brummet

This article comes to you courtesy of Lillian Brummet of Brummet's Conscious Blog. I will be a guest on Lillian's radio show, Conscious Discussions Talk Radio on Thursday, January 9, 2014 A lot of people ask us how we can work together being that we are married? It is not as hard as it seems from the outside and is much like any other working relationship other then that we see each other at the end of the workday as well. Of course we’ve been working together for more than a dozen years now so we’ve had the time to figure out who is good at what. The key is really finding out what your co-writer is good at and what he likes to do, along with his favorite hours to work (Is he a morning person?) and how he likes to work (Does the work environment have to be absolutely silent?). And the same goes for you – and then with that information you can figure out if you can work in the same space or whether separ

Now Recording: Andra Harbold

Andra Harbold returns to Straight to Audio Productions to continue her marvelous rendition of Moon McKenna for the Quirky Audio Book Series. In Gadzooks! , Moon McKenna will take on the nearby polygamists in Zion Flats and stir up a whole lotta trouble. Andra brings a wealth of knowledge and experience to her work as a voice actress, freelance director, Equity actor, dramaturg and teacher. After earning her BA in theatre from Middlebury College in Vermont, Andra went on to earn a Masters Degree from the University of London Goldsmiths College. Andra is immersed in the theatre community in Salt Lake City where she has been part of numerous productions. Most recently, she directed Deborah Salem Smith's Love Alone at the University of Utah . Andra is a co-founder of Salt Lake City's Flying Bobcat Theatrical Laboratory. During this past year, Andra collaborated with Robert Scott Smith to create three

Now Recording: Abby Elvidge

Straight to Audio Productions is pleased to introduce newcomer Abby Elvidge as part of the cast for Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book . Abby will tackle the role of Nadine, a serial bride who has an kooky habit of prematurely sending her husbands to the Celestial Kingdom. Abby is a professional voiceover artist who plays characters of all ages, genders and species. Some of her clients include Crossroads Press and Macabre Ink Digital, Hot Lava Games, Animatica Studio and 8Floor Games. Check out Abby's hilarious rendition of Walnelli, the animated walnut . But it's not all video games and cartoons for Abby. Her voice can be heard on several audio books, including Dead Times by Bram Stoker Award winning writer, Yvonne Navarro Prior to becoming a Woman of a Thousand Voices, Abby worked as a paleobotanist, studying plant macro-fossils. Somewhere