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The End is in Sight!

Gadzooks! to be released September 22, 2014 I've heard that in order to meet a long term goal, I need to set a deadline for its completion. It isn't the date that is so important, but the promise to meet it. I'm happy to announce that September 22, 2014 is the day I've committed to releasing my new project, Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book . Deadlines are a common thing in my life. I spent nearly two decades working as a television and radio reporter, so I honor deadlines above all else. Last May, I set a deadline of September 22, 2013 for completing the manuscript for Gadzooks! In an effort to be accountable to my own pledge, I shared my goal with a dear friend who was kind enough to inquire about my progress from time to time. To my happy amazement, I discovered that the manuscript that I had started writing a year prior to setting a deadline suddenly didn't seem so out of reach. September 22, 2014 may appear a lon

New Website for The Quirky Audio Book Series

The Quirky Audio Book Series has a new website! Information about all three audio books in the series can now be found in one easy location The new website was created by Jessica Park. I was very impressed with Jessica's eye for design and color. This is a special talent not afforded to everyone. It was Jessica's idea to use a “slider” on the home page, incorporating pictures of oranges and photos of various cast members. Just a few short years ago, websites were a luxury. Then they became a necessity for anyone in business, though the price for putting one together remained high. Nowadays, thanks to programs like Wordpress, website development is accessible to all The thing I like most about Wordpress is the ease in which things can be changed. With my two previous websites, I had to pay a hefty fee anytime I

My Review of Stevie-girl and the Phantom Student

I recently listened to Stevie-girl and the Phantom Student by Ann Swann. As a fan of young adult literature – especially mysteries – I was eager to hear the audio book version of this work. Better still, the artist who narrated the story is Abby Elvidge, an actress I've hired to work on my own projects. Stevie-girl and the Phantom Student uses bullying as a backdrop for the action. The ghost of a young girl who died as a result of bullying begins to appear to Stevie, the main character. The phantom student's story is contrasted with that of a new boy in Stevie's class who suffers from Tourette syndrom. As Stevie tries to solve the mystery of the Phantom Student, she also works to end the bullying that is continuing to happen in her school. I thought it was brave of Swann to tackle a subject like Tourette syndrom. She does a great job of advancing a position of empathy and understanding for those who suffer from this condition. I applaud Swa

Spring Into Fresh Skin

Welcome Spring!  As we all get ready to spring into a fresh new look following a long winter, it's time to refresh our skin.  Here is a re-print of an article that I wrote for St. George Magazine in April of 2005.  Visit St. George Magazine        When you trade in your long pants and sweaters for the fresh new fashions of spring, make sure your skin looks just as fabulous as your warm weather look! Begin your spring skin tune-up with a good exfoliating regime to remove dead skin cells. A vast array of professional and over-the-counter exfoliating products are available, but it’s best to avoid using facial scrubs where the main ingredient is apricots or almonds. These scrubs smell terrific, but they often contain jagged particles that can damage the skin. Instead, look for an exfoliant that has round polyurethane spheres, and then use as directed. For a more sophisticated treatment, try a