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Finding Hope Especially When It Hurts

Today I am featuring a Q and A session with Trichelle Watkins, author of Finding Hope Especially When It Hurts.  This book tells the story of the Watkins Family caring for a child with Batten's Disease.  Parents who find themselves in this same situation can find comfort and hope in Trichelle's story.  Read on . . . Please tell us about your book and why you decided to write it. I originally started to write this down for my daughters.  Batten disease is rare and there aren't that many people who have experienced it.  I wanted them to have something that I didn't in the beginning because this is a genetic disease.  There is a possibility that one of their children could have it.  Then I thought about all the other parents of Batten children who are struggling.  I wondered if my story might be able to help one of them.  I finally decided that I needed to put it out there for anyone who wanted to find a little hope. What was the most challenging thing about telling your s