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The Most Important Question to Ask

So, you've written a book – congratulations! You are light years ahead of those who claim they have the “perfect idea” for a book but never get around to actually writing it. You have no doubt worked diligently on your manuscript but the hardest part is yet to come: how to get your content out to the public. Before you launch into the lengthy and arduous process of trying to land a publisher, here's the most important question you should ask: why do you want to be published? The answer will provide you with a clue for the next steps to take. In the world of publishing, throwing spaghetti at the wall and hoping something will stick will likely prove to be ineffective. You can spend hours sending out query letters but this will net you little gain until your clarify who your intended audience is. Like many writers, I worked tirelessly to try and attract a publisher, but none were interested in my work because I wasn't rep

Aspects of Writing

Writing a novel or audio book and then getting it into the hands of the public can be complicated. Fortunately, radio shows like Aspects on Writing hosted by James Kelly on KLAV AM in Las Vegas, are here to help Kelly's show is designed to help writers learn more about their craft as well as proven strategies for marketing. Kelly is author of “The Emblem” available for sale on and “Creating God” which is available as an internet download from Barnes and Noble . As part of the show, Kelly is mentoring Janet Coursey who is in the process of self-publishing a novel called “The Secrets of Time.” Coursey's novel centers on a character named Sara who discovers a letter hidden in a secret compartment in a grandfather clock which has been in her family for 148 years. Learn more about this intriguing plot at

Kenneth Weene

When someone offers to review Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book, it's no small favor. Doing so requires 10.5 hours of listening plus the time it takes to write the review. That's why I was especially pleased when Kenneth Weene, a published author, reviewed Yikes! for the It Matters Radio website!__upcoming-broadcasts I became acquainted with Ken when he interviewed me on It Matters Radio along with c-hosts Monica Brinkman and Brenda Brown Ken proved to be an entertaining and gracious host and I truly enjoyed being on the show. Ken has spent his years working as a teacher, psychologist, pastoral counselor and writer. Rather than trying to analyze what kind of kooky person would come up with a project like Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book, Ken chose to take a walk on the wild side and just embrace my twisted

It Matters Radio

The wonderful thing about the internet is that it expands the stage for discussion on issues which affect us all. For the past two years, It Matters Radio, an internet station headed up by Monica Brinkman and co-hosted by Brenda Brown and Kenneth Weene, has provided an open forum artists, musicians, activists and even audio book publishers! Over the years, It Matters Radio has featured a wide range of guests – everyone from a peace seeker in the Middle East to a confidante of JFK. As an interviewer, Brinkman is well informed and open-minded. “I believe we learn something new every single day,” says Brinkman. “If we do not hear different points of view then we are never able to make an intelligent decision.” To keep the show lively and fun, Co-Hostess Brenda Brown talks with a variety of artists and showcases their music. As head of Brenda Brown Entertainment , artists and authors a