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Quirky Cat Gets Ghosted

  Looking for the purrrrrfect gift this Christmas season?  Check out Quirky Cat Gets Ghosted: Blue McKenna is dead – it isn't pretty. Her innards are strewn all over the bridge in front of Juniper Hollow, but she still can't make it to the white light. Blue's spirit is trapped in a nightmare scenario involving the Department of Motor Vehicles. Evidently, the DMV is as terrible in death as it is in life. Too bad the only one who can rescue Blue is a snarky cat named Skitters. And he hates her guts. All of them. Scottie Sphincter, lead singer of the Rectal Surgeons, can't move on, either. Why does Scottie keep getting ghosted by women like Blue?  It's shaping up to be another quirky summer. Join a full cast of narrators for a spooktacular romp through the afterlife in Quirky Cat Gets Ghosted. Get Ghosted Today! Barnes & Noble: Spotify: