Monday, April 29, 2013

Book Marketing in Five

The wonderful thing about the Internet is that it enables you to get top notch help and advice from people all over the world. Eunice Nisbett is the Book Marketing Strategist and Author's Coach at who supports authors globally from the Caribbean. 

Authors seeking to increase their online presence can take advantage of Nisbett's extensive work background through her online book marketing program. Eunice partners with authors to provide them with the administrative and online book marketing support, including virtual book tours. This service allows writers to use their time to focus on their writing. Additionally, Eunice offers a coaching program for authors called Create Your BestSeller on a Shoe$tring.

 Eunice hosts a number of virtual events including webinars, podcasts, and an Internet radio show called Book Marketing in Five at
Her radio show features bestselling authors and book marketing industry experts who share their best seller gems on how to market and promote their books, and create best sellers. Eunice also shares book marketing strategies and tips on her blog and through her newsletter, Best Seller Gems.

Friday, April 26, 2013

Book that Author with Linda Leon

If you've written a book and are wondering what to do next, Linda Leon has a few suggestions Linda has over 20 years experience working in television broadcasting. Now she owns a production and media promotions company called Book Marketing Professionals

Linda's menu of services to authors includes manuscript evaluation, editing, and design consultation. Once a book is ready for readers, Linda can help with publication and distribution.

Linda has written a few books of her own including Rock Star Marketing for the Emerging Author

Linda goes one step further to help authors by hosting a Podcast called Book That Author. Writers can tune in to hear how others in their field are promoting their products. Linda is a gracious host and her show is full of lively and timely marketing tips. I was honored to be a recent guest on Book that Author

Monday, April 22, 2013

January Jones sharing Success Stories

The first rule in the world of writer and talk show hostess January Jones is this: Thou Shalt Not Whine. That's also the title of January's book which reached a #1 ranking at

Styled after the hilarious and iconic writer, Erma Bombeck, Thous Shalt Not Whine . . . The Eleventh Commandment examines what we whine about, why we do it, and most importantly, how to stop it!

As a writer, January strikes a more series tone in Jackie Ari & Jack: The Tragic Love Triangle, a book which examines a new theory in the assassination of John F. Kennedy The book reveals that Aristotle Onassis and Jacqueline Kennedy were romantically involved before the murder. January's book outlines a motive which involves a need for money on Jackie Kennedy's part and a desire for class and stature on the part of Aristotle Onassis.

A Kennedy aficionado, January has penned two other books about the Kennedys and the Onassis Family called Oh, No. . . Jackie-O and The Christina: The Onassis Odyssey.

January enjoys a busy career in broadcasting, working as a Reality TV Golf Personality with World High Stakes Golf on HD Net. January also has a syndicated radio show called January Jones sharing Success Stories which has more than 20 million listeners in the US and 195 other countries. I had the honor of being January's guest on April 22, 2013. Take a listen!

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Get Behind Me, Now Stay There!

For the past two years, a podcast called Get Behind Me, Now Stay There has been a comfortable gathering place for authors, musicians and other artistic types. In addition to the podcast, Get Behind Me, Now Stay There is also aired on 89.5 KSKQ in Ashland, Oregon. Listeners can take advantage of a free app on itunes if they want to hear to hear the station live.

The show begins with “The News You Want to Know.” Charlie Stanton, Cyrus Emerson, Maya Seligman and Jerry Renfrow offer a roundtable discussion of interesting and unusual stories involving those in the entertainment business. Chrissy McIntyre, a voice-over artist from New York City, adds humor to the commentary

A second segment hosted by Jerry Renfrow called “And Now You Know” is a hotspot for trivia enthusiasts. For example, Renfrow examines the origins of words such as juggernaut. Who knew this word on the move had such a storied past?

Interviews with writers, musicians, poets and artists fill out the show. Music clips representing an array of genres give the show an extra sparkle. Some of the guests who have appeared on Get Behind Me, Now Stay There include Patrick Swazye's brother, Don, who was interviewed about his movie Heathens and Thieves as well as his work on Hawaii Five O. Other guests have included Black Panthers Party Founder Bobby Seale and author John Dodds.

All of the hosts on Get Behind Me, Now Stay There have ties to Blackstone Audio In addition to producing a huge library of well known audio books, Blackstone Audio has expanded to include an mp3 download service called Downpour Charlie Stanton, father of Blackstone Audio CEO Josh Stanton, has expanded his work to include an e-publishing service called Just Imagine It Ink This company provides independent writers with a professional way to get their content out to readers.

Not only do the hosts of Get Behind Me, Now Stay There work in the audio book business, but many of them are writers themselves. Cyrus Emerson has penned two novels, Lost Angel and Fear and Loathing in the State of Jefferson. Lost Angel is also available as an audio book, wonderfully narrated and produced by Blackstone Audio and available for sale on

As an audio book producer myself, it was truly an honor for me to be welcomed so warmly by the crew on Get Behind Me, Now Stay There. The episode is available on line at

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The Next Internet Sensation

Hey, World! Once in a while I come across a YouTube video that I think is just outstanding and this particular one involves Jesse Pepe, an actor who worked on Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book. Jesse grew up in Utah where he launched a pretty amazing career in theater. Now he's in Hollywood working as an actor and singer. Check out his latest work:

I have to wonder if I didn't help set Jesse on this path by casting him to be a polygamist in drag! Here's a sample of Jesse's work “Utah Style.”

Help make Jesse an internet sensation by liking his videos and sharing them with your friends. Good luck, Jesse! We'll be watching for you on the big screen!  

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

The Ms. Boss Radio Show

Marketing can be expensive, time-consuming and frustrating. Recognizing that small business owners need to concentrate on running their operations, Audrey Bell-Kearney developed Ms. Boss Media to offer affordable marketing services

Ms. Boss Media can aid clients in a number of ways. Through a 60 minute Brand Strategy Session, Audrey can help business owners evaluate where are today and what steps they need to take to improve their visibility. Tools such as Optimized Press Releases and increased visibility on the internet are just some of the services clients can take advantage of.

Ms. Boss Media also offers something called Mobile Marketing Campaigns. Many business owners already have a website, but it is hard for people to view the full page on their mobile phones. Audrey helps design websites that fit specifically on mobile phones so viewers don't have to scroll through the site just to get basic information. This package also includes a text marketing plan which enables business owners to send out information about their company on a regular basis directly to people's phones.

In addition to running Ms. Boss Media, Audrey is also the host of two radio shows. On Tuesday mornings at 9am EST, Audrey and her co-host, Georgette, offer the Miss Boss Show
I was fortunate enough to be a guest on this show on April 2, 2013.  Take a listen:

A second program called The Ask Audrey Show airs Wednesday afternoons at 4:30 EST on
WKMB 1070 AM in New Jersey.  Listeners who aren't in the New Jersey area can hear the broadcast online at