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The Vodka Press

The Quirky Audio Book Series meets The Vodka Press for a unique 4/20 celebration. The Vodka Press graciously hosted me on their show, highlighting some of the wackier portions of my work, including the marijuana mayhem featured in Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book The Vodka Press is a women-run, curious-person-oriented blog and podcast putting another hub for cultural conversation on the map. Hosted by TVP founders Kit Bangles, Karly Kingsley, and Zoe Grimm, The Vodka Press podcast is a highball of themed discussions laced with whimsy and the occasional spritz of mayhem. The show is available on iTunes, Stitcher, Podcastpedia, Podfeed, and . For more information on The Vodka Press , visit and/or find them on twitter (@thevodkapress).

Review of The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple by Sonia Ricotti

The Law of Attraction, Plain and Simple: Create the Extraordinary Life That You Deserve by Sonia Ricotti came to me a at a time when I needed a good but simple self-empowerment message. At the bottom of everything, our thoughts and our attitude determine our destiny. The great news is, we have precise control over these two things. I've believed this for many years now, but still benefit from hearing it again. What I like about Ricotti's version of the Law of Attraction is that it's short! Lots of people have read The Secret or watched the movie created by Rhonda Byrne It's easy to misinterpret the message of The Secret as a form of wishful thinking. But my understanding of The Secret is that it is a call to action. Just thinking about something isn't enough – those ideas have to be ac

Video Shoot Photos from Kent Hayes

Some of my favorite work days are the ones where I get to be involved in the shoot to promote one of my audio books.  Recently, we shot the promo for Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book.  Kent Hayes, an actor in the audio book, also served as an assistant to Garry Morris, Director of the video shoot.  Here are some photos Kent took during the outing.   

FEAST: Saltair Re-Visited

Check out what Gadzooks! Actress Andra Harbold is working on now: FEAST
When: 7:30 pm, May 24, 2014
Where: The Great Saltair, Utah
Who: NOW-ID Founded in 2013 by Choreographer Charlotte Boye-Christensen and Architect Nathan Webster, NOW-ID is a performing arts and design company based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Both internationally positioned and reflecting the unique beauty and culture of its western base, the name/logo/brand NOW functions as mission statement and mantra that reflects the company’s commitment to constant renewal and the space of engagement when creating or viewing art. The company is a framework for collaboration between local, national and international artists, designers and thinkers. Following the highly acclaimed first performance The Wedding , NOW continues its exploration of place and turns its gaze toward the surreal and salty remains of prehistoric Lake Bonneville and the Great Saltair. FEAST

Video Shoot for Gadzooks!

“ I'll never forget the day Rich Gardner donned a wedding dress and rode his skimboard off the lip of the confluence of the Santa Clara and Virgin Rivers.” You can count on me to tell that story well into my old age. If I were to describe Rich's performance to promote Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book , I could sum it up in two words: NAILED IT. But why stop there? Rich is a remarkably agile and talented athlete who is apparently up for anything! If anyone ever needs a great stuntman who is easy and fun to work with, hire Rich! Rich was just one of 10 amazing people who worked on the video for Gadzooks! As is custom with my promos, the delightful Steve Campbell served as the spokesman. Steve is nothing short of charming, both on camera and off. I was especially grateful to Steve this time around because he was in the emergency room until late the night before the shoot, arriving on time the next morning sporting a badly injured

Going Gray Podcast with Christy Potter

I recently had a wonderful opportunity to be a guest on the Going Gray Podcast with Christy Potter. During the interview, Christy and I talked about the popularity of audio books and our ideas to help writers market their work As the author of the award-winning The World Was my Oyster But I Didn't Know How to Cook and The Shiksa's Guide to Yiddish, Christy knows a thing or two about being a successful writer. Her debut novel, Oh Brother , is available at Barnes & Noble as well as Amazon . Christy began her writing career as a staff writer for the McPherson Sentinel in McPherson, Kansas. During that time, Christy earned several state and local journalism awards. In addition to her regular assignments with the paper, Christy also penned a weekly humor column titled “Out of My Mind.” T

It Matters Radio

If entertainment news and information is your thing, then It Matters Radio is your station. This is an online production dedicated to music, laughter and open conversation. Hosted by Monica Brinkman, Kenneth Weene, Kerry Hall and Brenda, “Queen B,” artists, writers and musicians have found a welcome home at It Matters Radio . As a writer, I was thrilled that not only did I get the chance to tell the listeners of It Matters Radio about my audio books, but Kenneth Weene also reviewed my work and wrote a piece about it for his blog!itmattersradioadelepark/sitepage_10 . If you would like the chance to learn about other artistic folks, or simply join in the conversation, tune in to It Matters Radio!it-matters-radio-fun-promos/c5ed.