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Quirky Polygamist -- Enjoying a Big Bang


Review of The Girl on the Train

I'll start my rating of The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins with my GoodReads Points: Five Stars! I don't mean to gush, but The Girl on the Train was one of the best audiobooks I've had the pleasure of listening to lately What was so great about it? For starters, the author, Paula Hawkins, really knows how to spin an intriguing “Who done it” The Girl on the Train tells the story of Rachel, a woman who has been abandoned by her husband for another woman.  Rachel's life is such a mess that she turns to alcohol for comfort.  Each day as Rachel commutes to London, she imagines the life of a couple she sees from the train.  Later, Rachel discovers the woman she has been watching has been murdered.  The

Go From Zero Love to Big Love . . .


Guerilla Film Festival Winner

Several of my actors and camera crew members recently submitted a film called "I Need a Vacation" in the St. George Summer Guerilla Festival.  To no one's surprise, the project took home the Audience Selection honors.  Congratulations to all who participated, especially Kent Harrison Hayes and Garry Morris who wrote the film.   "I Need a Vacation" was filmed by Ned Cordery, Photographer Extraordinaire.  Ned's wife, Mary, was tapped for one of the choice roles in the video, which will be a good warm up for all the scenes I've scheduled her to appear in for my upcoming shoot. If you need a vacation, or just a good laugh, check out this Guerilla Festival Winner:

We're Ready to Roll!

Dorothy Engelman, Adele Park and Ned Cordery The only thing I like better than editing audio is editing audio and video together. Friends and Facebook companions are familiar with my kooky ads to promote the Quirky Audio Book Series.  The videos may look simple, but there is actually a lot of time and coordination that goes into making them.   I'm currently in the planning stages for a whole new slew of videos set to launch in July.  I'm very fortunate in that I haven't yet managed to scare off Ned Cordery, my ACE PHOTOGRAPHER.  I surely drive Ned bonkers with my plans that seem to get bigger and more elaborate with every shoot.   Dorothy Engelman is new to Straight to Audio Productions, stepping in to serve as the Director for our upcoming shoot.  Dorothy is one of those multi-talented sorts who gets along well with everyone.  In the spirit craziness, Dorothy even recruited her husband, Gary, to work in a couple of scenes.   Top Row:  Jessica, Treys

Short Story from Monical Brinkman

A Note from Adele:  I'm honored to share this very touching short story from Monica Brinkman with the readers of my blog.  Monica is a hostess on It Matters Radio as well as the author of three books.  Monica's latest work, The Wheel's Final Turn, is available for sale on INTO THE WOODS by Monica M Brinkman "Wait for me Sissy”! Sissy Jones looked back to see her little brother stumbling through the tall rock laden grass. She ceased her walk and hollered back,  “Hurry up Timothy or we’ll miss finding them.” The young boy smiled and huffed his way to his sisters’ side. The sight of his blonde locks, now wet from the humid heat of the summer softened her reserve.  “It’s okay Timmy, you catch your breath. We still have time. Here drink this.” Without hesitation, Timmy grabbed the thermos from her hand and gulped down the entire contents before wiping the cool drips of water drizzling down his mouth. “Thanks Sissy, I sure