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Meet Luke Randall

Straight to Audio Productions is pleased to welcome Luke Randall to the Cast of Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book. Luke will narrate the voice of Taj Wakefield, a teenage boy who unwittingly stirs up trouble with a polygamist community. Luke was involved in theater during his high school years in Enterprise, Utah. After school, Luke headed off to pursue a music career. One of Luke's musical highlights so far has been as a contestant on American Idol Season 15. Luke reached the Top 200 before being cut prior to Hollywood Week. Check out some of Luke's music on Spotify: More recently, Luke has worked with T.C. Christensen on the BYUTV series, “Extinct,” As a voice artist, Luke has worked on safety videos for Urban Jungle Fun Park in San Diego, as well as commercial voice-overs for Leavitt Group Insurance. Luke brings a solid nar

Meet Kent Hayes

I laugh every time I'm around Kent Hayes. Not just with him, but at him as well. That's because the number one person Kent likes to roast is himself. If a person can laugh at their own foibles, they're well suited for Straight to Audio Productions, a studio where no one takes anything too seriously. Kent is currently recording the on-going role of Scottie Sphincter, lead singer of the Rectal Surgeons. The fact that Kent seems to delight in this role is testament to his light-hearted outlook on life. Kent pulls off like no one else ever could! It's so fun to have Kent in the cast for Splat! A Quirky Cat Audio Book. Besides being a blast to work with, Kent is an extremely well-rounded actor. In addition to narration work, Kent has performed in numerous productions and films. He's also an accomplished singer and musician. Kent's production company, Man of Two Worlds, also is responsible for presenting a number of excellent live thea