Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Now Recording: Faith Sandberg

It's a pleasure to welcome Faith Sandberg back to Straight to Audio Productions in her continuing role as Blue McKenna. Faith has spent the past nine years in New York City enjoying a busy career as an actress. She has appeared in numerous film and TV projects. Most recently, Faith was cast as Amanda Stone on the CBS show, Blue Bloods http://vimeo.com/78508887

Fans of Boardwalk Empire can see Faith in action as the character, Kitty http://vimeo.com/28748166
Other TV shows Faith has appeared in include The Big C on Showtime and ABC's Cupid.

Additionally, Faith has been in several movies. Sundance enthusiasts had the chance to watch Faith in Price Check with Parker Posey http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3417716/videogallery/primary_title-tt1845849.

As a multi-talented actress, Faith has graced many stages, including a recent role as Roxie in Chicago. She also has a successful voice-over business, doing commercials for Audi, Disney, Snickers and the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Check out some of Faith's work online www.faithsandberg.com.

Faith Sandberg
Actor / Vocalist / Life Devourer

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Everyday Oracles

A Guest Post from Everyday Oracles by Ann Bolinger

Heidi’s mysterious bear and the crunch of an invisible moving sidewalk

I would like to thank Adele Park for hosting me as a guest blogger, as part of the virtual book tour celebration for my book, EVERYDAY ORACLES – Decoding The Divine Messages That Are All Around Us.

One day I needed to pick up a couple of gifts from a shop on the Taos Plaza. Like so many historical plazas this community gathering place is built on a square and features a large gazebo where bands perform, speakers speak and when the stage is empty, children run and play. The square is surrounded by shops on every side so parking is always at a premium. I circled the first time and had no luck so decided to make one more complete trip around, and if no place opened up I would go to the post office and then come back and try again. I remember telling myself, if I’m supposed to find a parking place one will open up…. And it did!
I purchased the gifts and walked back to my car midst a sea of commotion. A man in a car had stopped mid-traffic and was chatting away with friend, both seemed oblivious to the back up of cars, even the car that was blasting it’s horn directly behind them. It looked like I was going nowhere anytime soon, so I loaded the packages in my car and then checked my phone for messages. After a while I turned on the ignition, and glanced in my rear view mirror. The only thing visible was the familiar shape of the spare tire that hangs on the back of my car and the big Taos Chili Line bus sitting patiently behind a car that I thought it was waiting for my parking space. I had a strong feeling someone, maybe a pedestrian, was behind my car so I took another look behind and on either side of my car and when no one was in sight I began to edge out. I did hear a lot of urgent honking but thought it was coming from an impatient driver. That’s when I heard the crunch. My heart sank.
The good news - the crunch was not a pedestrian. The bad news – I had just backed into a beat up car that looked like it was struggling to hang on well beyond its expiration date. The car with a newly crumpled right fender pulled into the alley entrance that was next to my car. Before getting out I riffled through the glove compartment for insurance papers. They were always there, but today they were nowhere to be found. Sheepishly, I leapt out of the car and rushed over to the driver, ready to shower the woman with apologies and was greeted by the kind earnest face of Heidi Svoboda. It felt more like a meeting of kindred spirits than a confrontation, even before she told me she was an energy worker who specialized in dogs. Yes, she did know someone who could repair her fender and guessed they would charge around $150. I had a gut feeling that I was supposed to give her more than that amount so that she could have her car repaired and have money left over. I had just been to the bank and had $500.00 in cash. My gut told me the $$500.00 is Heidi’s.
As I placed the cash in her hand she thanked me saying, ”You’ll never know how much I need this.” Then she pointed to the silver bear pin with the small turquoise stone that I was wearing at the neck of my shirt. Heidi described in striking detail the bear cloud she had seen a few days earlier in the sky above Taos. And that wasn’t all. She went on to tell me about a reading she had before she saw the bear cloud. A psychic told Heidi not to worry, that bear energy would take care of her!
The pieces of an invisible moving sidewalk started to fall into place.
I was the delivery system for Heidi’s invisible moving sidewalk!
It’s interesting to note that I rarely wear that bear pin – yet that morning something drew me to it. Without giving it any special thought, I pinned it on. That was my first step onto this invisible moving sidewalk.
The synchronicities continued to add up.
I had just been to the bank and had cash in hand for Heidi.
After circling the square one more time that particular parking space opened, which put my car at the right place at the right time.
Don’t get me wrong. I take full responsibility for backing into Heidi’s car. But when we look through the paradigm of personal oracles we can see that my bear pin and I were playing a part in Heidi’s invisible moving sidewalk. Heidi needed a helping hand and I became the delivery system for the universe.
If you’re new to the term personal oracles let me explain how they work.
Have you ever felt like you were being helped by hidden hands? Well you were!
It turns out that the universe is designed to respond to our needs and operates within this practical structure.

Need + Delivery System + Message = Personal Oracle
When learning to identify personal oracles I find it helpful to divide them into these five main categories:
  • Conduits
  • Mirrors
  • Synchronicities
  • Signs and Symbols
  • Invisible Moving Sidewalks – a series of synchronicity events that lead to a pre determined destination
When we experience our life through the paradigm of personal oracles we discover guidance and support resonating through every form imaginable. We learn that there is nothing random about those timely synchronicities and mysterious messages of guidance and support that seem to come to us from out of the blue.
It’s comforting to know that the universe has our back – always.

In her bestselling book, Everyday Oracles: Decoding the Divine Messages That Are All Around Us, author Ann Bolinger-McQuade uses memorable stories and photos to introduce the formula for how personal oracles work, then teaches you how to recognize and decode yours. If you have personal oracle experiences to share, please submit them to Ann through her website www.personaloracles.com She will respond personally. And while you’re there, check out the cloud photos in the interactive “What Do You See Section.” Have fun and exercise your psychic muscles. Who knows, you may discover a personal oracle hiding in plain sight, just waiting to deliver a special message to you.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Time Management Tips from Lillian Brummet

Today's Blog Post is a Guest Submission by Lillian Brummet of the Conscious Discussions Blog and Radio Show.

Lillian's article really hits home with me because I am self-employed and facing the same time challenges that she mentions in the article. Lillian offers some great tips for getting things done right, the first time, on time.

I'll have the honor of appearing on Lillian's radio show, Conscious Discussions on January 9, 2014. You can hear the broadcast online www.blogtalkradio.com/ConsciousDiscussions

Time Management 

Time management is a real issue for most self-employed individuals. The first thing is to make sure that you have set aside specific work hours with a start and stop time frame, and focus on following that schedule. For instance you might be able to rise earlier than the family getting to the office by 5 AM until 7:30 AM, pausing to get the kids off to school and then spending 10 AM – 2 PM in the office, allowing you the late afternoon for shopping, cooking, house and lawn or garden chores. Of course, you will find that you will have to extend that time for an interview or something, but generally this set time is for work – not play, or days off, or family or house issues.

Set aside your priorities for the day, and also on a weekly basis listing things that must be done, should be done, and things you want to get done. Give yourself deadlines and stick to them.

Time wasters come in when we have to keep going back to something over and over and over. Do things once, do them well and be done with them. This is the key to doing things efficiently and effectively. Sometimes though you might have to use a timer that tells you your time for social networking, or plugging away at the manuscript is over and it is time to work on that article, or some other agenda that you have planned for the day.
You’ll also have to learn to say ‘no’ – sometimes you just can’t take on another project even if it is an opportunity to earn more money. Be sure that you don’t end up feeling like you are juggling too many things. If you do, perhaps reevaluating your priorities is in order, or maybe you can outsource to friends or family that are willing to help you out. Maybe you can hire a neighbor’s teenager to do some of the work for you. Get creative at this point so that you don’t reach burnout.

There is always so much to do – a new banner ad to design, another radio show needs a promo ad, there’s guests to book on the radio show or blog and outlines for their interviews to create. Emails are popping up every few minutes with a request to provide articles, or someone offering a new interview or networking opportunity. Keeping records of all of this and making sure that everyone has been followed up on, while finding new contacts, new opportunities – this can eat up a lot of time.

Effective record keeping is the best thing in the world. Whenever you query a media contact, for instance, head over to the Excel file and record brief information on the media, the contact, the email/web address and then brief notes to yourself – such as how you connected and what was said. The use of color-coding makes for easy referral so that you can see at a glance whether a project is completed but not yet published, and who needs a follow-up. It is a good idea to go through your files every 3-4 months and eliminate all the rows that have not responded, or declined your query because you no longer have a need to keep a record of those contacts. At the same time, look for any opportunity to do follow-ups.

~ Award winning authors Lillian & Dave Brummet produce and host the Conscious Discussions talk radio show where they frequently highlight world of writing genre topics, and manage the Brummet’s Conscious Blog, where they occasionally feature Q&A interviews with other authors about their experiences in the realm of writing. To date they have written 5 published books including the guide for authors: Purple Snowflake Marketing – How To Make Your Book Stand Out In A Crowd. They have another poetry book coming out in late 2013/early 2014, and have 2 more manuscripts in the works. Visit their site to learn more about everything the Brummets do: www.brummet.ca

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Now Recording: Rhett Guter

Rhett Guter returns to Straight to Audio Productions for his continuing role as Steven Finch in Gadzooks! A Comically Quirky Audio Book. This character was first introduced in Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book. Steven Finch is an adorable stoner with a major fixation on a band called the Rectal Surgeons. Rhett did such a comical portrayal of this character in Yikes!, we couldn't wait to have him come back! http://www.yikesaudiobook.com/index.html

Rhett has just wrapped up another season with the Utah Shakespeare Festival. Rhett played the lead in a fabulous rendition of Peter and the Starcatcher. He was also part of the cast for Richard II as well as Anything Goes. http://www.bard.org/about/actors/guter.html#.UknPTxxSxIg.

In addition to working seven seasons for USF, Rhett's talents have been showcased abroad. Rhett was in Germany and France earlier this year as part of the International Tour of West Side Story.

Anyone who has seen Rhett perform knows he is an amazing dancer and choreographer. Ironically, Rhett had little interest in dancing when he first became involved in theater while attending Tuacahn High School. Luckily, Rhett discovered this hidden talent which he now shares with audiences all over he world. See for yourself as Rhett performs “Easy Street” from the play, Annie

After Rhett completes his role as Steven Finch for Gadzooks!, he'll head to Salt Lake City to perform in Elf at the Pioneer Theatre. After that, Rhett's off to the Windy City to play the role of Tulsa in Gypsy at the Chicago Shakespeare Theater. Find out when Rhett is coming to a theater near you! http://www.rhettguter.com./