The Pleasure Saucer Podcast

No question is stupid if you don't know the answer which makes me feel a lot better about not knowing what a pleasure saucer is. According to Reverend Johnny Lemuira of the Church of the Subgenius, the short answer is “escape vessel.” This vessel is highly versatile, ranging from finding your bliss to constructing homemade UFOs. I think the latter is more interesting although I seem to spend an inordinate amount of time following my bliss.

The Pleasure Saucer is also the title for Lemuria's podcast which is described as “Anarchist, Transhumanist and Sex Positive.” I thought that was a good fit for WHEN MARIJUANA AND REALITY TV COLLIDE . . . Yikes! Another Quirky Audio Book. I had the opportunity to be a guest on The Pleasure Saucer this spring and found Lemuria to be a very interesting and gracious host

The Pleasure Saucer Podcast evolved out of some of Lemuria's earlier media adventures. Lemuria started podcasting in 2008 when a lot of people, myself included, didn't really know what a podcast was. Lemuria and his brother hosted a show called Supertalk on public access channel URTV. While the name of the show had changed, along with the location of the studio from which it is being broadcast, Lemuria continues to make eclectic news and information the foundation for his shows.

Lemuria markets The Pleasure Saucer Podcast to what he calls “sexually liberal geeks.” Acceptance seems to be an overriding theme, with Lemuria encouraging listeners to retain control over all aspects of their lives.

Under the pen name John L. Robinson, Lemuria has written three books titled Little Isle Upon the Ocean and Burn Sky and The God in the Zigguart. Lemuria has also dabbled in a series of burlesque shows called the Vortex Cabaret. The show is on hiatus, but Lemuria hopes to revive it in some new form.

Lemuria advertises his show on iTunes, Stitcher and Archive.Org. If you'd like to hear The Pleasure Saucer Podcast, visit


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